A new iPhone 14 upgrade has fixed a severe issue that users have been concerned about

A new iPhone 14 upgrade has fixed a severe issue that users have been concerned about ...

When the iPhone 14 series was launched, lots of users immediately began expressing concern about a large issue: when you opened the camera using third-party apps, the picture would often shake and reveal blurry visuals, and sometimes even make grinding noises (leaving many to speculate that the phone''s OIS was the culprit).

These concerns did not only occur on third-party apps designed solely for photography, however: Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and others were often difficult to use as a result.

Apple appears to be planning a fix on the way. A new version of iOS 16 has been seen rolling out to phones, according to the Apple Security Update notice (opens in a new tab), which means iOS 16.0.2.

This update, which has since begun rolling out on September 22, has fixed the camera issue on iPhone 14 models, and also fixed several other issues, such as a link to copy and pasting text between apps.

If you''ve encountered a third-party camera app problem, then upgrading to a newer version of iOS will assist. To do so, go into the Settings app, and select Software Update. If you''re eligible for the upgrade, it''ll appear here.

Well, that''s in theory, but we''ll need to hear from early iPhone 14 adopters that the issue has gone away, before we can make a verdict.

This update is a good start, as the iPhone 14 Plus hasn''t even been approved, so people who purchase the large-body lower-cost phone will never have to deal with this camera-shake concern.

The Apple-fans on the internet were putting themselves into a spooky situation about this topic, and we fully understand if we could not use the''Gram we''d be irritated too. However, hopefully, these handsets will be more worthy of their place on our list of the best smartphones.