The HDR calibration app for Windows 11 has been completely revamped

The HDR calibration app for Windows 11 has been completely revamped ...

Microsoft rolled out the Windows 11 2022 Update (version 22H2) a few days ago, but it may have sparked some new content for gamers, with the release of a brand-new Windows HDR calibration app. It''s important to note that this is not related to the Windows 11 2022 Update, but that it may be used on the original operating system.

Microsoft first announced this app back in February, stating that it was bringing the Xbox''s HDR Game Calibration functionality to Windows.

The Windows app has three main tests patterns: these include results to determine the darkest visible detail, the brightest visible detail, and your display''s maximum brightness. These are based on the HDR Gaming Interest Group (HGIG)''s recommendations. Microsoft has also added another feature that has full control over color saturation.

Microsoft claims that calibrating your display will ensure that you have the best HDR viewing experience and will also help avoid clipping limitations.

The second is to download the Windows HDR calibration app from the Microsoft Store, while the other is to use HDR > HDR display calibration. However, the latter is only available for Windows Insiders.

Follow these instructions after you have opened the app.

Incorrect ResultGoal
Incorrect ResultGoal

Make sure that you have an HDR display and meet the minimum requirements mentioned above. It is also important to know that the app does not work on Windows 10 but that color saturation adjustment isn''t supported on all GPUs either. You may also send feedback to Microsoft via the dedicated feedback button on the top-right corner of the app.