Season 5 of The Rings of Power: A tale of betrayals, but hope prevails

Season 5 of The Rings of Power: A tale of betrayals, but hope prevails ...

Seasons 1 to 5 of The Rings of Power have been complete.

Partings, a five-part series of The Rings of Power, is a fascinating beast. The most recent entry in the series'' hit Prime Video series is filled with deception, with many of the show''s leading actors revealing their true colors and their surprising motives.

The result of this character-driven treachery is the most dangerous part of this series yet, which certainly foreshadows the dark before the dawn. But, as the central message of episode 5 shows, J.R.R Tolkien fans will instantly recognize not all those who wander are lost. And, despite our heroes temporarily straying from their honorable paths, the actions they ultimately take in episode 5 ensures that hope will endure, even in the face of adversity.

Divided we stand

The four narratives from episode 5 of Of The Rings of Power, but it''s the Southlands arc in which the sense of hope is particularly lagging.

By proxy Bronwyn and Arondir, Adar wants the Southlanders to bend the knee to him and Sauron. It appears they''re successful, until Waldreg convinces half of Tirharad''s population to pledge their allegiance to Adar. Much to Bronwyn and Arondir''s dismay, Waldreg claims it''s the only way they''ll survive and leads them from the safety of the watchtower.

It''s the first of many betrayals in Partings and one that''s steadily brewing. Even so, it has the feel of a scene that should''ve closed out episode 4, rather than one that semi-opens episode 5 alongside the Harfoots (more on them later), which negates the consequences.

The relationship between Elrond and Durin is one of the most beneficial aspects of Power''s Rings.

However, its inclusion in episode 5 leads into the most horrific scene in the series so far. After he pledges his loyalty to Adar and Sauron, Waldreg is given a sword by Adar, who grabs Rowan (Theo''s friend) and forces him to his knees. Adar tells Waldreg that "only blood will bind them," indicating that, while Rowan may be murdered to prove his loyalty.

This dark scene reveals the terrible feelings in men''s hearts; this is something that foreshadows Sauron''s corrupting power in future seasons. If we''d seen the act play out on the screen, we''d expect it to. In the first episode, we saw a warg brutally maul some people, for example, so there''s no reason why we couldn''t see it done.

After a heart-warming moment between Arondir and Theo, the latter shows Arondir the sword hilt he''s been hiding. Arondir tells Bronwyn that the sword was used to protect the Southlanders'' ancestors. However, Bronwyn immediately loses hope that the watchtower''s inhabitants can hold Adar''s forces off. It''s an understandable error for Bronwyn to have, although it''s unlikely to have a heel turn.

The beginning of this U-turn is becoming more baffling with what happens next. A forlorn Bronwyn asks how long the remaining population might hold out against Adar''s forces before the watchtower falls. Immediately, she and Arondir realize they can use the watchtower to their advantage. However, thanks to Bronwyn''s "until this tower falls" line and the expository panning up of the camera, it doesn''t take a genius to define their action. It''

Dynamic shifts

Other episode 5 storylines have aussi been betrayals, which have altered the playing dynamics.

Following a lavish Lindon dinner between Khazad-dum''s dwarves and their elven hosts, High King Gil-galad explains why he really paired Elrond up with Celebrimbor, which leads to Elrond reigniting his friendship with Durin: Gil-galad believes mithril exists and wants to use it to save the elves.

Long ago, an elven warrior and a Balrog fought to protect and destroy one of Valinor''s two formidable trees. During the lengthy battle, the tree was struck by lightning, which resulted in one "as pure and light and unyielding," as Gil-galad puts it through the tree''s roots into the mountains to create mithril.

According to Gil-galad, mithril preserves the light of the lost silmaril, which was built on the Two Trees of Valinor and intends to protect the elves'' immortality. As he discusses to Elrond, the light of the Eldar is faded, and elves will become mortal if snuffed out. Celebrimbor knew this as a way to develop enormous quantities of mithril, bask in its light (which descends

Elrond expresses his deception through his elder deities. It''s a revelation that speaks to the elves'' foes who are millennia old, nevertheless, and gives a fascinating insight into how exploitative they can be when it comes to interplaying with Middle-earth''s other races.

Sadly, Elrond finds his place in a difficult momentry: betray Durin by breaking his oath to preserve his race, or rise to his premise and kill the elves. Durin pays dividends. Durin agrees to assist Elrond and the elves, but they''ll need to convince his father to begin mining mithril again.

It''s another touching moment between the two, one that conforts their friendship and continues to show the emotional value that Owain Arthur and Robert Aramayo bring to Durin and Elrond. This friendship should go deeper into this distinct connection as a resurgent alternative to the more horribly-positioned narratives in the series.

Nori and his company are all rosy while checking in with the Harfoots.

Well, initially, as long as the Stranger''s help, the Brandyfoots come to the rescue of Nori, Poppy, and Melva, who stumble upon a seemingly eye-rolling and expository pickle when a group of wolves pursue them through an eerie forest.

When things begin to fall apart, the Stranger unintentionally defrauds Nori''s trust. However, the Stranger fails to trap the wolves away from Nori and his business, which has resulted in them fleeing. He discovers a standing pool of water and, using an ice-based technique (and the water), begins healing his arm and hand after entering a trance-like state.

Nori tries to halt the Stranger by getting her hand caught on his ice-covered arm so the spell can begin freezing her hand. It''s only until the healing process ends, which allows the Stranger to escape, although she is fully healed, and he is afraid he''ll hurt her once more.

It''s a welcome transition of pace that shifts the balance of power, narratively speaking, between the two. Even if the Stranger is an accidental event, Nori realizes that the relationship is likely to be strong, particularly with the arrival of Bridie Sisson''s enigmatic Rhun character and her companions. However, how Nori manages the consequences of this incident might have a big bearing on whether the Stranger stays with the Harfoots or leaves and invariably rejoins Sisson.

Setting sail for a Sauron skirmish

Everything is as tense as it has always been over in Numenor.

Whether it''s the strained relationships between fathers and sons Elendil and Isildur, or the breakdown in communication between Galadriel and Halbrand, trust is in short supply on the island kingdom of men. The familial and friendship-based drama that plays out is intriguing, but it feels a bit piecemeal and forced on occasion. The Rings of Power would do well to improve character development or, in the case of Galadriel and Halbrand, instead of refining old ground in their subter

Luckily, it appears the show is finally getting to grips with the latter. After the two fall out of their perception of each other, Galadriel and Halbrand apologize to each other. Finally, Galadriel apologizes to Halbrand over her brother''s death and why she cannot stop fighting; a poignant moment allows us to associate with Galadriel through her vulnerability.

So far, episode 5 shows perhaps the most tragic scene in the series.

It''s a pivotal relationship between the two, not only because it demonstrates the unspoken level of trust that''s developing between them. Galadriel''s decision to explain the key reasons behind Halbrand''s move is what drives him to do the same.

Queen Regent Miriel and Numenor will not get to the Southlands'' aid without Halbrand''s involvement. Remember, he''s the Southlands'' supposed monarch-in-waiting, so his involvement in taking the fight to Sauron is crucial. But, as he teases, Halbrand believes that he and his partners will both find peace if they stand together and defeat Sauron''s forces.

Despite Earien''s shock sailing to Middle-earth for a skirmish, episode 5, which begins on a high note, with Galadriel, Halbrand, Miriel, Elendil, and even Isildur. It''s a satisfyingly hope-filled ending after what''s been the darkest episode in the series yet, and one that could uphold a much-needed and extravagant action set-piece in episode 6 or 7.

The Numenor arc has been populated with brooding and stubborn individuals, as well as suspense-ridden subplots. It''s also enlightening to see how experienced Galadriel is from a combat perspective, as she teach Numenor''s would-be warriors a thing or two about combat before they set sail for Middle-earth.

What we think

The Rings of Power''s fifth episode is a largely beneficial comeback after a gruesome episode 4. It''s an entry that''s laying the foundations for multiple crescendos before the season 1 finale, as well as teasing where character arcs we finally get an insight into Pharazon''s calculating ambition and storylines.

There were some narratives that might become too focused, such as the Numenor arc. There''s a significant lack of screen time for some of the series'' more captivating elements, including Durin and Elrond''s friendship. Partings by and large, though, is bringing dramatic and revelatory surprises into its next episode, and it appears to be aiming for more memorable events. If The Rings of Power begins to merge its multiple storylines together in its next episode and unveils more concerning its biggest secrets,

Season 5 of The Rings of Power is now available on Prime Video.