Frances Haugen, a Facebook blower, has launched a 'Beyond the Screen' program to combat social media flaws

Frances Haugen, a Facebook blower, has launched a 'Beyond the Screen' program to combat social media ...

Frances Haugen, a former Facebook engineer who leaked information claiming that the company prioritized profits before safety, was launched on Thursday a social media organization that is devoted to combating the harm that is caused by social media.

Beyond the Screen, a nonprofit, said its initial goal was to document how big technology is breaching its "legal and ethical obligations to society," as well as identify strategies to resolve those problems.

"We can have social media that brings out the best in us, and that''s what Beyond the Screen is doing," Haugen said in a statement.

"Beyond the Screen will focus on tangible solutions to assist users in gaining control of our social media experience."

Haugen released last year internal observations revealing that executives knew of their site''s danger prospects, provoking a renewed US push for regulation.

Haugen accused the tech titan, which has since rebranded itself as Meta, of putting profit over safety. Meta has fought back against the claim.

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Haugen''s nonprofit has stated that it will collaborate with groups including Common Sense Media and Project Liberty, which have shared a "engagement to supporting healthier social media."

According to Beyond the Screen''s statement, Beyond the Screen''s first project "represents a bold, inclusive, and much-needed effort to drive a seismic shift in the way social media operates."

"We are looking forward to working with Frances and her team to create this exciting initiative and advance our shared goal of enabling healthier digital communities and removing harmful business models."

Haugen has long been a fan of legislation intended to protect social media platforms, particularly for young people, since he left Facebook in 2021.