In a new video, Google Pixel Watch has just been revealed from every angle

In a new video, Google Pixel Watch has just been revealed from every angle ...

The Google Pixel Watch concept may have been discussed before, but Google just showed off its first smartwatch from every angle. In a video aptly titled "The Design of Google Pixel Watch (opens in a new tab)"), the next device is shown for approximately 30 seconds consecutive.

Once again, we''ve had an idea of what the Pixel Watch looks like before Google announced it during an I/O earlier this year. Similarly, the first images were similar to those that Jon Prosser had shared.

The release of the video was likely a strategy to increase anticipation for the entire Pixel Watch announcement, which will take place during the Made by Google event on October 6. However, I''m not sure how it''s even possible to anticipate the first Pixel Watch anymore as we see it, it''s the product Pixel owners have been waiting for.

The Pixel Watch is coming in silver, gold, and black finishes, but the video does not show off the rumored watch band selection. We can''t tell if multiple sizes have been confirmed.

The Pixel Watch''s digital crown isn''t a problem for the Apple Watch, yet it doesn''t fit perfectly into the curved chassis. The crown button appears to have tactile touches, perhaps giving you some beneficial feedback while surfing the smartwatch.

Thanks to this new video, we can also tell for sure that the Pixel Watch has a navigation button that sits above the digital crown on the right side. It appears the speaker cutout is on the left side, and although we can''t see a microphone cutout, we''ll guess it''s near the speaker.

The Pixel Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches we''ve ever seen, but will it enable it to be one of the best smartwatches, or smartwatches for Android? It''s still too early to say, but the Pixel Watch should now include Fitbit''s fitness tracking capabilities. Moreover, Google is considering a $349-$399 range to keep up with the likes of the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch.

In a few weeks, we''ll see more in the future. The Pixel Watch joins the Google Pixel 7 series as the headliners of Google''s fall hardware lineup, which will be completely revealed on October 6.