The watchOS 9.0.1 update comes in time for the Apple Watch Ultra release

The watchOS 9.0.1 update comes in time for the Apple Watch Ultra release ...

Apple Watch Ultra is now available on this Friday for customers from all over the world. WatchOS 9.0.1, which includes upgrades and bug fixes for this new Watch, is now available. Here''s what''s new with this version and watchOS 9. in general.

Today''s build is 20R8380. According to Apple''s support page, this update includes the following modifications for the Apple Watch Ultra:

Apple Watch Ultra users will be able to enjoy several new features as a result of the watchOS 9, which was released a few weeks ago.

WatchOS 9 doesn''t supportApple Watch Series 3anymore, so the operating system makes old Watch Faces look better on larger displays. In addition, the company is adding QWERTY keyboard support for more languages and new QuickType technology.

WatchOS 9 has added a substantial update to the Workout app, which includes a slew of new features for exercise enthusiasts. A newWorkout Views features the runners, which will only allow them to turn the Digital Crown to see a slew of metrics.

  • Activity rings
  • Heart Rate Zones
  • Power
  • Elevation

Apple is also improving the Sleep app with the watchOS 9. It now has more sleep statistics and a new Medications app that assists you with tracking all the medications and vitamins you take every day.

Apple released two exclusive apps for this smartwatch just before the release of the Apple Watch Ultra, and here''s a peek.

Have you ever wondered why the brand will be released? Don''t forget to update your watchOS 9.0.1 once you have acquired the new device.

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