Polaroid enters the music industry with a radio station, music app, and bluetooth speaker

Polaroid enters the music industry with a radio station, music app, and bluetooth speaker ...

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Anyone who has ever heard of the Polaroid brand would instantly associate it with photography. It may take us a long time to get out of that mindset, because Polaroid has now expanded into the music business.

The iconic camera manufacturer isn''t just dipping its toes, he''s also taking a tumble with the release of a radio station, a music app, and four Bluetooth music players.

The Polaroid Players

The P1, P2, P3, and P4 have a portable music player gamut from an almost-handheld model in the $60 P1, to the beefy P4, which retails for $290. P2 will set buyers back $129.00 and the P3, which costs $189.99. Several models also have Bluetooth support, and each comes in different colors.

Polaroid Radio and Polaroid Music App

According to Polaroid, the new digital radio station is ad-free and is described as "an experimental music discovery service." Polaroid Radio eschews algorithmic selection in favor of a human-curated system that "puts radio back in the hands of real people." These five "ever-evolving FM-like stations" are:

  • Itchy Teeth ("Where pop gets weird"),
  • Poly Chrome ("Like a rave in a kaleidoscope"),
  • Iris ("Mist those plants, burn that incense"),
  • Royal Pine ("Uplifting anthems with real roots")
  • Radio Heatwave ("Eternal sounds of summer").

These can be found on radio.polaroid.com, as well as on the Polaroid music app. It is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, and Austria. It will also launch in other countries soon. The app also has Apple music integration, and Spotify integration should also be coming to the app.

A bonus: a new Polaroid camera is on the way next year.

Polaroid''s chairman, Oskar Smolokowski, has stated that the company is working on a more capable camera, optically. The camera will apparently be released next year, according to Smolokowski. Of the Polaroid legacy and the company''s trajectory,

Great musicians and photographers capture what we cant always express with words. They make us feel. While we''re new in the music world, we want to bring as much color and emotion to the space as we can. It still inspires people and is magical, but it cannot be the only thing that we do if we want to give Polaroid a future.

Check out all of the Polaroid music available here.

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