Without even attempting to be a foreign language expert, Microsoft Teams can now make you a professional

Without even attempting to be a foreign language expert, Microsoft Teams can now make you a professi ...

Due to a fresh update, getting to grips with international contacts on a Microsoft Teams call should soon be much easier.

Users are now able to activate live translated captions in a wide range of languages on the video conferencing platform.

Users of Microsoft Teams will be able to select live captions in their chosen language, thus gaining greater understanding with other participants.

Microsoft Teams live captions

Microsoft Teams hopes that the update will increase collaboration on calls between teams and colleagues in different countries.

"This will assist users to take part in regular meetings where the spoken language may not be their most appropriate language," the company said.

The company confirms that the shift is based on Microsoft Cognitive Service Speech Capabilities, which is part of the Azure cloud platform, and that its tools offer powerful and quick translation services in real-time.

The tool is now available to Microsoft Teams desktop users across the globe.

The latest in a series of upgrades for Microsoft Teams is as the company seeks to make the platform more accessible to all users around the globe.

These include the recent announcements on Microsoft Teams Mobile''s "intelligent translation," which means that mobile users will be able to quickly traduit messages in a foreign language, making sure there''s never a delay or a glitch.

Microsoft Teams received access to a wide network of professional interpreters who dial into meetings on request. Once a session has begun, users may switch between the original audio feed and the interpreters translation via a drop-down menu.

Following the search message results, users will now be able to track down full chat conversations.

When users search for a chat message in Teams and click on a message result, they get taken to a point that displays the whole thread that matches the desired message rather than a single line of text.