The mysterious Ben & Jerrys listing on Xbox Game Pass was basically a game in disguise

The mysterious Ben & Jerrys listing on Xbox Game Pass was basically a game in disguise ...

On Xbox Game Pass, a listing for Ben & Jerrys ice cream appeared briefly, but what appeared to be an erroneous app was actually a rudimentary shooting gallery in disguise.

The game titled XBET_Test_Product_4, which was then displayed on Xbox Game Pass with an icon picturing a tub of Ben & Jerrys ice cream. Several Reddit users shared the listing, which was included among the usual Game Pass titles.

The app was developed by developers that could play on touchscreen devices. The game was untitled, although the words DirectX first-person game sample were in the top left corner, along with a Windows platform.

The game appears to have been removed from Game Pass by mistake. Here''s a list of gameplay footage, captured before it vanished.

What was the Ben & Jerrys game on Xbox Game Pass?

The game, although despite its icon, has no connection to Ben & Jerrys and is actually a Microsoft-produced sample game used to introduce programmers to DirectX and other development tools. A tutorial on how to create the game, which is simply titled Direct3D game sample, can be found on the Microsoft site (opens in a new tab), and the backend code can be downloaded from a dedicated page.

The concept of the first-person shooting gallery is simple. It allows you to shoot balls at a series of floating targets while avoiding obstacles. In some levels, youll need to reach all targets within a time limit, while in others you will be able to strike them in a certain order. Each six levels will be awarded a final score.

The game was likely added to Game Pass as part of the platforms backend development. It was thought to be being used to simulate the appearance of games on the Xbox Game Pass dashboard, although it was almost certainly not meant to be accessible to players.

There''s nothing wrong with the Ben & Jerrys game coming to Xbox Game Pass, but the picture of the ice cream is used as a placeholder image. It''s an elegant one with a tub of Ben & Jerrys Half Baked Ice Cream.

The game was initially available on the Microsoft Store for $4.07 on the market for 3.61 per AU$6.13. However, the review section was filled with tongue-in-cheek criticisms, praising its fun gameplay.