Apple TV+ is down on the most-used streaming video list because to a 25% of Netflix subscribers who intend to leave the service

Apple TV+ is down on the most-used streaming video list because to a 25% of Netflix subscribers who  ...

In the first two quarters of 2022, Netflix lost 1.2 million subscribers. While the company hopes to increase one million new users with its new ad-supported tier, a survey suggests that one out of four Netflix users is planning to cancel their subscriptions this year. Here''s what this might be for other streaming services, such as Apple TV+.

In 2022, surveyed 1,000 Americans to evaluate their streaming habits. According to a survey, the average American is subscribed to four streaming platforms.

According to a survey, Netflix is still the most popular streaming service; almost four out of five people (77%) are currently users of the platform. In addition, 70% of users say they use Netflix the most, followed by:

25 percent of Netflix subscribers are planning to cancel their subscriptions. Of those who plan to leave the streaming service, two-thirds say rising costs is one of the reasons.

According to a survey, Netflix has the highest average plan cost among the eight most popular streaming services in the United States. The other big concern from Netflix users is that:

  • 1 in 3 respondents said Netflix no longer has the shows they want to watch;
  • 30% said that they use other streaming services more.

Last but not least, the survey indicates the percentage of subscribers each of the most popular streaming services has:

  • 78% subscribe to Netflix;
  • 46% are Disney+ subscribers;
  • 42% subscribe to HBO Max;
  • 33% are Peacock subscribers;
  • 26% subscribe to Hulu;
  • 22% are Apple TV+ subscribers;
  • 5% subscribe to Hulu;
  • 5% are Amazon Prime subscribers.


While Netflix is concerned about losing more subscribers, it remains the most popular streaming service with a 70% share of the overall subscriber market. HBO Max has a 10% share of that market.

For Apple TV+, there is always room for expansion. Apple bundles this streaming service with all Apple One subscription options. Its award-winning catalogue costs $4.99, which is now more enticing than ever.

The whole study can be found here.

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