In the coming days, the government will draft a new data protection measure, according to an IT minister

In the coming days, the government will draft a new data protection measure, according to an IT mini ...

According to Union IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Thursday, the government will issue a fresh draft of the data protection measure.

While considering the legislation, inputs from several parties have been investigated, according to Vaishnaw during the third edition of the Global Fintech Fest.

"It''s a matter of a few days only when the bill will be submitted for consultation," he said.

In early August, the government had withdrawn the Personal Data Protection bill, which was first adopted in late 2019.

Vaishnaw said the joint parliamentary committee that sorted out the original draft proposed 88 amendments to a legislation of 91 sections, which had the government decide that there was "no choice," but to withdraw the original draft completely.

During the epidemic, he noted that a lot of modifications had taken place, leading to fresher lessons to be included in the laws.

The minister stated that even in the absence of a data protection legislation, one must not worry about privacy violation, as the Supreme Court has declared it to be a fundamental right.

Totodata, he urged the industrial to work collaboratively with the government to develop legislation on topics such as online gaming, fake news, crypto, payments, credit frauds, etc., so that timely action may be taken on issues relevant to the whole society.

"Some of the sectors that are really causing concern in the society, we must really come forward." He said, as a joint group, government and industry should work together to develop a robust set of regulations for all of these concerns.

He stated that the society needs to be in line with the changing times, and that addiction is "very simple" in the digital world, and that legislation will be of use.

"If we don''t, we will have a backlash. If you don''t do that, it will result in so much resentment that the industry will not be able to deal with it tomorrow," says the minister.

Vaishnaw said the government is planning to launch 5G services in early October by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and is intending to cover a substantial portion of the country with the most advanced telecom technology in the next two years.

He said the government is investing $30 billion (nearly Rs. 2,43,100 crore) in the delivery of internet fibre or 4G broadband to every village panchayat in the country, and has reached 1.5 lakh panchayats, implying that 80,000 new connections are being given every month.

Earlier, the government wants to create village-level entrepreneurs who will then provide the digital services to the common people in their villages.

Late Wednesday evening, Vaishnaw wrote a draft of the Indian Telecommunication Bill for 2022 with a detailed explanation note, urging the industry to make suggestions and concerns on the same.

"We are looking at 3-4 legislations that will provide a comprehensive set of laws for the digital world," he added.