"This is against everything we do ourselves,," Proton VPN says of India because of a fresh data law

"This is against everything we do ourselves,," Proton VPN says of India because of a fresh data law ...

Proton VPN, a Swiss company, has decided to shut down all its servers in India.

This comes amid concerns about the next CERT-In regulations.

Proton is the only company that has the best VPN providers out there to protect its customers'' privacy. In June, ExpressVPN''s departure from India, Surfshark''s commitment to remove its physical servers, Hide.me''s departure, as well as NordVPN last joining the exiting group, citing concerns about freedom of expression.

According to India''s new law, VPN companies may store users real names, IP addresses assigned to them, usage patterns, and other identifying data for up to five years. They may also be required to disclose this information to authoritiesupon request.

The new legislation is expected to be put into force on September 25.

Due to Indias new surveillance legislation, we have removed our VPN servers for the sake of our privacy. However, weve rolled out smart routing servers to still provide you an Indian IP address. https://t.co/5iIy1Di3mV September 22, 2022

Smart Routing servers to get an India IP

In a blog post, the presenter explained: "This is against everything we do.

"We have no intention of complying with this invasive mass surveillance law, leaving us no choice but to remove our VPN servers from Indian jurisdiction."

This does not imply that people in India would not be able to acquire the protection of its software, though. The opposite is true.

Users may still use one of the many secure international servers available across 64 countries. And those who require a secure connection via an India IP address, can enjoy the security of their Smart Routing network.

Proton Smart Routing servers are physically located in Singapore. These are the same in terms of functionality, though, allowing users to obtain an Indian IP.

"If you live in India or used to connect to our India-based VPN servers from elsewhere, you can switch to these Smart Routing servers and use Proton VPN just as previously," cautions the provider.

Despite being able to browse the web safely locally, users in India will still have their data secured by a truly no-logs VPN type of service.

What is the significance of India''s new data retention legislation?

Despite the move to reduce cybercrime, India''s new data retention law is aimed at industry leaders and privacy advocates.

"It''s going to have a chilling effect," Andy Yen, the world''s largest democracy, said of the Wall Street Journal (opens in a new tab), adding that the move will also expose activists and whistleblowers to hazards.

These claim that such intrusive measures are easily misused in order to facilitate mass surveillance and undermine citizens'' civil liberties, however, aren''t groundsless. India is infamous for its backsliding media freedom (opens in a new tab) and the unfamy of recordingmore internet shutdowns than any other country in the world.

VPN providers are among the companies that have been subjected to the new CERT-In regulations. Other services include data centers, cloud storage services, virtual private servers (VPS) and cryptocurrency exchanges.

The amount of private information that is stored will be huge in tens of thousands of companies. This opens not to a few concerns about the possibility of new regulations.

It''s not just privacy concerns, but it''s also possible that India''s new data legislation will have a negative impact on its fast-growing IT sector, resulting in increased fees for VPN users throughout the country.