Here's a look at the Apple Watch Ultra, which includes some of the most popular bands [Video]

Here's a look at the Apple Watch Ultra, which includes some of the most popular bands [Video] ...

Apple will begin selling the Apple Watch Ultra on Friday. The 49mm rugged Apple Watch has a natural titanium finish, and early reviews have focused on its larger size, the new Digital Crown, orange Action Button, and more.

The Apple Watch Ultra has already revealed that other large bands are working, but the question is how well the sizes and design finishes match up. A YouTuber tried several Apple Watch band models with the all-new Ultra, check out the results below.

Rafael Zeier, a Swiss YouTuber, shared a comprehensive video showing some of Apple''s most popular band designs with the new Apple Watch Ultra. He tested all the favorites: Steel Link, Leather Loop, and even some Hermes models, as well as a total of 14 different options.

As we saw in a iJustine review yesterday, the packaging for both the Apple Watch Ultra and its accompanying bands is larger than we expected. The first thing users will notice when unboxing this product is a booklet that reveals how the new buttons work, features, pictures of the new design, and more.

The box has a mountain on it, and when you open the Apple Watch box, you get the Watch itself with a braided MagSafe Apple Watch cable with a stainless steel finish. Almost all Apple Watch bands have a different appearance, although all of them come in a larger package than previously.

Are you planning on getting your hands on the Apple Watch Ultra? If so, the video below might help you understand how some of the most popular bands will look on the new device.

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