Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a new Netflix material, is accused of romanticizing a serial killer

Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a new Netflix material, is accused of romanticizing a serial killer ...

Ryan Murphy, the co-writer of American Horror Story, has on Netflix a new crime thriller that recounts Jeffrey Dahmer''s life and horrific crimes. Despite the show''s generating lots of interest, it is also being criticised for a perceived attempt to romanticize the actions of a serial killer.

The Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is shown, by Murphy and Ian Brennan. The pair co-created Glee and Scream Queens with Brad Falchuk (who isn''t involved in this project). And as the name suggests, the 10-episode limited series follows Jeffrey Dahmer''s killings, which is portrayed in this instance by Evan Peters.

This is far from the first time the Dahmers story has been reported, as there are dozens of papers on the subject. Even a theatrical film, My Friend Dahmer, was recently released in 2017, but the latest adaptation of the true crime story has been obtained by Netflix, which has generated significant interest and a significant level of outcry.

While the Rotten Tomatoes feature a 91% audience rating, and critics have quick to praise Peters'' commitment as the serial killer, concerns over the show''s character''s role have been raised. A tweet urging viewers to remember the victims rather than Dahmer has accumulated 100,000 followers.

#DahmerNetflix is out, lets not romanticize Jeffrey Dahmer just because he is played by Evan Peters. Remember the victims. A look at each victim and who they were. 21, 2022

Evan Peters'' casting may be partially responsible for the internet enticement surrounding the show. Peters is a widely popular online performer and has garnered a wide range of followers over the years. As the below tweet notes, it is okay to praise Peters'' performance, but Dahmer himself deserves nothing more than condemned.

Evan Peters'' performance is appropriate, but he is a fantastic actor. BUT DO NOT ROMANTICIZE HIM IN THE ROLE AS JEFFREY DAHMER. #DahmerNetflixSeptember 21, 2022

Concerns have also been raised about Netflix''s potential to profit from Dahmers'' murderous spree. Currently, whether the streamer has made any financial commitment to the victims'' families is unknown.

Is @netflix getting paid for #DahmerNetflix? Are any of the victim''s families getting royality checks? Are they getting benefits from seeing their family member''s murderer repeatedly romanticized for "TV"? 22, 2022

A number of requests for Jeffrey Dahmer to be the last fictional adaptation of his life have been made. Of course, the show is currently trending on social media and is highly likely to top the Netflix list in the coming days, thus there is certainly a lot of audience interest in the content, making this request more improbable.

Let this be the hottest #DahmerNetflix #jeffreydahmer film! He needs to be forgotten, he doesn''t deserve to be remembered, and Hollywood must stop treating him like a celebrity.September 22, 2022

Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is available on Netflix. According to many accounts, the series features a remarkable lead performance from Peters. Make sure that the characters on the screen were real people who tragically lost their lives to a cruel and evil man. It is important that we avoid the abuse in the name of entertainment.