Smart locks on the way: Yale Assure 2 are available, and upgrades are possible after the purchase

Smart locks on the way: Yale Assure 2 are available, and upgrades are possible after the purchase ...

In the fall, Yale has announced that it will introduce a new range of Matter-compatible smart locks, which includes improved versions of its existing Assure Lock range.

The other two models will have their voices, iPhone, Apple Watch, keypad code, or physical key; the other two are lacking the physical key slot.

Matter refresher

One of the benefits ofHomeKitis is that you can control all of your smart home devices via the Home app, as well as viaSiri.

Matter is a fresh approach to bring exactly the same benefits to devices, not only on the Apple platform, but across other platforms, such as Google, Samsung, and Amazon. This means that, for Apple users, if a device is Matter-compatible, then it is effectively HomeKit-compatible.

Matter devices can also talk directly to each other, so that if your home Wi-Fi connection is patchy, your commands may be sent from device to device.

To support Matter, some existingsmart homes will befirmware-upgradable.

Yales upcoming Matter-compatible smart locks

The locks are now available for the first time. Yale claims that the new versions are 30% smaller, although they are still large enough to be compatible with the majority of doors used in the United States.

The locks will be available in the same three finishes as the existing models: black suede, oil-rubbed bronze, and satin nickel.

Anyone who buys a smart lock for households with techy and less-techy residents might be well-advised to opt for keyless models, thus anyone being crazed about new technology can simply continue to unlock the door with a key. However, if you do choose a keyless model, you should have no fear of losing a flat battery, according to the link below. Keyless entry may be re-enabled if you do so.

The price of keyless models will begin at $160, though the company hasn''t disclosed the price of the entire set. You will be able to choose between Bluetooth-only and Wi-Fi models, with the latter being recommended for complete HomeKit integration.

The locks will be firmware-upgradable after purchase. So, for example, if you choose a Bluetooth option, you will be able to subsequently add Wi-Fi capabilities (for a payment).

We were already impressed with the previous version, which we reimagined back in 2018.

The Yale Assure Lock SL includes almost everything you need to know about installing the smart lock on your door. It may be necessary to provide a screwdriver, as well as other tools depending on your door, but it should for the most part be a simple process [.]

The Yale Secure app can be installed, configured the keypad, and placed HomeKit once the hardware installation is complete. []

Once everything is complete, it takes only a few minutes to configure the master passcode and enable the iM1 network module via the exterior touchscreen keypad. Although the keypad lacks tactile feedback, the speakers will also provide instructions when it comes to using and controlling the Assure Lock SL []

HomeKit support performs exactly the same as expected, permeating users to control the lock by using the Home app, via Siri commands, or via automation.

The new models look more spacious, and Matter support is a great complement for those who have a lot of smart home devices, especially if Wi-Fi coverage is weak around your front door.