Have you ever wanted an Apple Watch Ultra? You'll need to go to an Apple Store

Have you ever wanted an Apple Watch Ultra? You'll need to go to an Apple Store ...

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The Apple Watch Ultra is the latest and most powerful Apple Watch variant yet.

Few have been forced off by the $799 / 849 / AU$1299 price.

And it shows. At the time of writing, ordering any size of the Apple Watch Ultra online on the official Apple website shows a delivery date until the end of October and even until November.

There''s good news for those who want to get their hands on one before then, as Apple have announced that physical units will be available at stores across the globe by Friday 23 September.

People who live within a convenient location of their Apple store may come up from tomorrow, where stock will begin to filter in.

Apple Watch Ultra: key features

Apple''s flagship smartwatch has been a source of interest since it was made public earlier this month. The larger and more robust design is aimed at athletes, especially those who enjoy hiking, diving, and running in harsh environments.

It has a huge 49mm case, a flat sapphire crystal, and the finest display ever seen on an Apple Watch.

The battery, which is almost twice the size of other Apple Watches, should last for 36 hours in normal use, with a low-power update coming later this year which will be good for 60 hours.

The Ultra, a Apple Watch, is equipped with dual-frequency GPS technology, which is used to deliver the most accurate GPS information ever made.

For real-time location tracking, you may also mark waypoints on the compass, and the new depth gauge assists with underwater activities such as scuba diving.

The action button has been designed for easy and quick access to the most advanced features. Use it to mark the waypoint on your journey and start a workout of open the Depth app for diving. Hold it down and an 86-decibel siren will go from the watch, alerting those within 180 metres to your distress.

Is it possible to get to an Apple Store for the Apple Watch Ultra?