Google Pixel 7 Pro 5 ways it might beat iPhone 14 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro 5 ways it might beat iPhone 14 Pro ...

The Google Pixel 7 Pro''s October 6 release date isn''t much off, so we''ll soon see if it can dethrone the excellent iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Because based on what we know so far and what the Pixel 6 Pro was capable, it has the potential to defeat Apple''s greatest.

Google gave the Pixel 6 Pro a competitive price, high-resolution cameras, and a more eye-catching design than the iPhone, and continues to flex its AI prowess by adding additional and more smart software features via its Pixel Feature Drop updates. The Pixel 7 Pro, therefore, might have everything it needs to outperform the latest iPhones, and could even surpass them on our best phones guide if it can fix a few other embarrassing parts of the Pixel experience.

While we wait for the Google October event, here are some ideas that the new Pixel 7 Pro might out-protest the iPhone 14 Pro. Check out our iPhone 14 Pro vs. Pixel 7 Pro preview face-off for more information on both phones.

Cheaper price (and easier to buy)

The Pixel 6 Pro came out at $899, which was significantly lower than the iPhone 13 Pro it competed with. When the Pixel 7 Pro comes to the market, Apple did not reduce the cost of the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max (in fact, it went up in some countries like the United Kingdom), thus it would likely be a lot larger price gap. If you''re on a tight budget, the Pixel 7 Pro''s would be a lot more attractive than the iPhone.

While Google''s only sending the Pixel 7 series up for preorders on October 6, and rumors suggest that the iPhone 14 order delays are already so long that users will have to wait at least that long until the Pixel 7 series is released. There will no doubt be a surge in demand at the start of the series, but delays like the iPhone''s experiencing appear to be unlikely.

Better Pixel 7 Pro cameras

Apple upgraded the 12MP main camera on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to a new 48MP model, but the Pixel 6 Pro still beat it on resolution with a 50MP main camera. It also boasts a 48MP telephoto camera with 4x optical zoom, which is both higher-res and higher magnification than the 12MP 3x telephoto camera on the iPhone.

We''re not expecting any hardware changes for the Pixel 7 Pro, but even with the exact same cameras, it still has the capability to take on the iPhone 14 Pro. We''d expect further computational photography upgrades via the Tensor 2.

A lighter and friendlier design

The Pixel 6 Pro is designed to fit both the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but it is also more comfortable to use due to its curved edges and reduced weight. All of this, thanks to an early unofficial hands-on video, you may have a lot of your phone.

The Pixel 6 Pro also included an under-display fingerprint reader (albeit an unreliable one at the launch), which Apple eschews in favor of Face ID. However, some iPhone users prefer the convenience and ease of a fingerprint scanner, especially if you''re trying to see your phone at an angle where the front cameras cannot see you.

An actual SIM card tray

Apple threw us for a loop with the iPhone 14 series by removing the SIM card tray for all models sold in the United States. It gives you the option of eSIM support, which is amazingly simple to set up and makes it difficult to swap phones instead of pulling the card out and putting it into another one.

eSIMs aren''t supported by international carriers yet, although support is increasing.

There has been no mention of the Pixel 7 series losing its SIM tray, which is good news. Phone users aren''t keen to be pushed onto the new eSIM system, so having the option to choose between eSIM and regular SIM (like the Pixel 6 Pro) might provide a sense of familiarity to less confident phone buyers, and it might be a great tool for power users who combine multiple SIMs or handsets.

Tensor G2 and new AI powers

It''s not controversial to say that Google does software exceptionally, and with the added Tensor G2 chipset, we''re expecting to see more software tricks that iPhone users will be very jealous of.

Google''s Pixel Feature Drop features that allows you to quickly and easily remove unanswered parts of photos and images, as well as live captioning to assist ease movement throughout your shot. Lastly, the Pixel 6 Pro also provided live transcripts and recording capabilities that could be altered depending on upcoming events and reminders. And we can expect additional enhancements after the launch, thanks to Google''s Pixel Feature Drop updates.

But there are kinks to iron out...

All of the information we''ve covered above would help the Pixel 7 Pro stand out from other phones, including the excellent iPhone 14 Pro. However, the new Pixel might also improve some of the Pixel 6 Pro''s poor features.

Google appears to have solved its new under-display fingerprint sensor with the Pixel 6a, thus we won''t see a repeat of the problems at the Pixel 6 Pro''s launch. However, we must still see a significant improvement in battery life, because the Pixel 6 Pro lasts half as long on our custom TG battery test than the iPhone 14 Pro.

Google would make the Tensor G2 a more powerful processor to compete with the incredible A16 Bionic in the new Pro iPhones. Even if the original Tensor did do AI and graphics well, it''s more beneficial to a smartphone than using demanding games and apps. However, the Pixel 7 Pro might certainly use more processing juice as a flagship.