Chromecast with Google TV HD is ideal for those who don't need 4K

Chromecast with Google TV HD is ideal for those who don't need 4K ...

The new Chromecast with Google TV HD streams video at a lower resolution than it''s predecessor, but it''s around half the price.

Rumors have swirled around a more costly Chromecast with Google TV over the time being. Earlier, Google has made the device official by announcing the HD model, which will retail at $29.99. The 4K version is priced at $50.

The Chromecast with Google TV, which made in 2020 one of the best streaming devices in the market, is rebranded, displaying 4K to the end of its name. That will denote the greatest difference with its younger brother, who is out streaming in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

Google is introducing a lower-cost streaming device that is suitable for older television sets and monitors the kind you might encounter in a guest room, a kid''s bedroom, or an office.

Chromecast has a date and price for the Google TV HD release.

Snow, the one color of Chromecast, will be available at all major retailers starting September 22.

The Chromecast with Google TV HD will cost $29.99, and the previous 4K version will still sell for $50.

Peacock Premium is available for a limited time.

Chromecast with Google TV HD design

The Chromecast with Google TV HD looks exactly like the 4K version a slim, circular dongle that connects into an HDMI port in the back of a television. The company claims that recycled material is used for around half of its plastic components.

Chromecast with Google TV HD performance and specifications

The hardware is somewhat less powerful on the inside. However, like the 4K model, this Chromecast will run the Google TV software, one of our favorites for the clean, easy navigation.

Some performance enhancements allow for quicker home screen loading and scrolling through tabs. It also supports HDR10 and HDR10+, user profiles, and Stadia.

Chromecast with Google TV HD remote

The Chromecast with Google TV HD also comes with a voice remote as the 4K model. Google Assistant allows you to load apps and search for shows without having to know which app it''s on. The assistant can also add Nest camera footage or Google Photos to the screen.

Along with the Google TV OS, you may also cast video from your phone or tablet, which means no Chromecast device would ever remove that capability.