Peloton's rowing machine is now available for preorder, according to the reports

Peloton's rowing machine is now available for preorder, according to the reports ...

After a year of speculation about a Peloton-powered boating machine, the company has finally revealed details on how to preorder the new interactive exercise apparatus.

The rower, which is only available for preorder in the United States, starts at $3,195 and will be delivered to its first customers in December. Like the best exercise bikes, at-home rowing machines are growing in popularity, so we knew it was only a matter of time before Peloton started adopting the trend.

Peleton has been teasing the rower on its socials, including a YouTube video that demonstrates some of its features. Some of the latest features, including leader boards, live and on-demand classes with a team of competent instructors, and a 24-inch swivel screen, meaning you can move it by up to 45 degrees when you''re ready to take other on-demand classes.

When working on the rower, you''ll need between 8ft (96) and 2ft (24). However, it maintains its upright position, allowing it to be hidden away a little easier if you''re tight on space.

Unfortunately, Peloton will only be releasing the rowing machine in the United States for the time being, and he does not have any ideas for it in other countries, such as Canada or the United Kingdom.

Will the Peloton rowing machine be able to stand up to its competitors?

High-tech indoor rowing equipment are having a special day. Fitness enthusiasts are enthused by their ability to offer you a total-body workout, while also aiding you in strengthening not just your arms, but also your legs and core, while also developing your fitness goals.

Hydrow, CityRow, and Aviron are all putting their support in the interactive at-home rowing industry. Can Peloton compete?

Hydrow''s first smart rowing machine was purchased to the United Kingdom in 2017 and was developed, according to the company''s success last month. City Row and Aviron have similar models in the United States, as well as companion apps.

Is Peloton''s rowing machine too expensive for fitness enthusiasts? Its competitors'' rowing machines start at $2000, which is more than a thousand dollars cheaper than Peloton''s other exercise machines. The Peloton Row Ultimate, the most expensive, comes in at just under $3600.

Some rowing enthusiasts may be confused by the brand''s name, but its additional capabilities will be the tipping point for most people. Peloton''s bike and treadmill live and on-demand classes are unique and vast. We''re hoping they have the same offer for its rowing machine.

Form Assist and Form Rating are also useful in allowing you to get real-time feedback on your form, while Form Rating will rate you after the class, giving you suggestions for the next time. Like the Hydrow rowing machine, Peloton''s offer offers a quiet day - thanks to its thin belt and electronic resistance.

Peloton''s new rowing machine will cost you the price, but in the meantime, here''s a checklist of the best fitness trackers.