Amazon has given the Apple Watch SE purchase a discounted price of Rs 23,900, and should you purchase the watch SE 2 instead?

Amazon has given the Apple Watch SE purchase a discounted price of Rs 23,900, and should you purchas ...

Apple Watch SE 2 is the latest entry-level smartwatch from Apple. It features the same chip as the flagship Watch 8 series and the premium Watch Ultra. Besides, you should know that the original Apple Watch SE is available during the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale at a discounted price.

In this article, you should look at the similarities between the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch SE 2 and which one you should buy if you are a first-time Apple Watch user. This should also aid with the purchase decision for those looking to upgrade their first-gen Apple Watch SE to the second-gen Apple Watch SE.

During Amazon''s purchase, Apple Watch SE prices in India increased.

Apple launched the Watch SE 2, removing the Watch 3 series and the Watch SE first-gen, making the Watch SE the most affordable Apple Watch you can buy. However, the Watch SE first-gen is still available on Amazon at a discounted price.

On Amazon, you may get the Apple Watch SE 40mm GPS + Cellular model for as low as Rs 23,900. This offer is available in three colours: silver, gold, and space grey, respectively. ABOUTSS Blue, starlight, and midnight band

On the other hand, the Apple Watch SE 2 40nm GPS + Cellular model retails at Rs 34,900 in India. It comes in three shades: Silver, Starlight, and Midnight with similar colour bands.

If you purchase the Apple Watch SE instead of the Apple Watch SE 2, you will save Rs 11,000. But is it worth it? Let''s look at it.

Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch SE 2

To make this comparison between Apples and Appleles, make sure you look at each aspect of both smartwatches. Lets dive into it.

Both the smartwatches Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch SE 2 have identical design. The only difference between the two smartwatches is the newer Apple Watch SE 2 has a new bottom casing made of a nylon compound that matches the bezels colour. This new Apple Watch SE 2 also comes with new colour options. However, the overall case made of aluminum is also as sturdy and robust as previously.

Both the 40mm Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch SE 2 display a 1.57-inch Retina OLED panel that supports a 324394 pixels resolution and up to 1,000 nits brightness. Both displays are relatively large, although the glass used on them isnt as robust as the more traditional Apple Watch Series 8 or Watch Ultra. Both cases are not completely Crack resistant, however, applications are always a good option.

Here''s how things get interesting. A new Apple S8 chip runs the show on the new Apple Watch SE 2, the same that powers the Apple Watch 8 series and Watch Ultra. Apple claims the S8 chip is 20% faster than the S5 chip (the Apple Watch SE first-gen packs an S5 chip), which should at least lead to at least a smoother performance.

The RAM and storage of the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch SE 2 are different.

The plot deteriorates. Both Apple Watch SE and the new SE 2 are powered by a 245mAh battery. In theory, the battery life should be higher, but the new low-power mode might help with battery life. The new Watch SE 2 isn''t quite impressive.


If you already own the Apple Watch SE first-gen, there isn''t much better going to the Apple Watch SE 2. Youd stick to the Apple Watch SE first-gen or upgrade to the Apple Watch 8 series or Watch Ultra. If you don''t want that brand new features, such as Crash Detection, Emergency SOS, and Fall Detection.

If you like the Apple Watch section and want to get your first Apple Watch, go for the Apple Watch SE first-gen. It''s cheaper and does the same things, almost! But again, Apple Watch SE 2 is for you.