Microsoft has introduced new VIva tools to enhance hybrid work

Microsoft has introduced new VIva tools to enhance hybrid work ...

Microsoft Viva Sales, a software that combines CRM technology into and from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, was launched back in June. With AI support, the tool personalizes sellers'' recommendations and assists them in establishing connections.

Microsoft just announced that Microsoft Viva Sales will reach general availability on October 3rd, according to Seismic, a enablement platform that provides businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to run a profitable business.

Through this partnership, our combined customers can streamline the sales process through preparation, automation, and intelligence as the first steps in this journey. Seismic Enablement Cloud is able to offer content, training lessons, and a pre-built digital sales room as follow-up activities in Viva Sales.

Users will now have access to a sellers'' CRM system in Outlook and Teams, and what''s more, it will also increase productivity and efficiency in the business by improving connectivity, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Viva Sales, which has over 270 million monthly active Teams and Microsoft 365 users, serves as a bridge connecting information and insights sellers need to sell effectively and close transactions faster with the productivity and collaboration tools they use every day.

Microsoft is expanding its Viva Goals with new applications and services in order to alleviate the latest Work Trend Index Pulse Report''s three business requirements. Basically, stop productivity paranoia, embrace the fact that individuals come in for each other, and re-recruitment of employees. This helps the employees'' morale and in turn increase their performance index.

Viva Pulse is a software developed to enhance communication between managers and team leaders. It is made up of research-backed tests and smart templates that will assist organizations identify their strengths and weaknesses. In turn, they will receive recommendations on how to address the issues.

Viva Amplify is partnering with Viva Goals, a business model that will enable leaders to communicate with their clients and makes an impact. Ultimately, the information''s resonance is enhanced, which means you may easily publish important information on several channels and distribution groups.

Users will also get two new capabilities, namely Answers in Viva and People in Viva. The latter comes with AI support that matches employee questions to answer and experts across the organization, resulting in all necessary information, while the latter offers rich profile cards with information about the employee''s interests, knowledge, and team goals, which make it easier for them to connect. These insights will be available via Microsoft 365 profile cards and as a new app.

Leadership Corner will be incorporated into the recently launched Viva Engage to provide an opportunity for employees to interact with leadership directly, share ideas and perspectives, and participate in organizational initiatives. The feature will appear on the back of the Storyline feature that recently reached widespread availability, which allows users to make real-time updates and experiences.

These incorporations in Viva Goals "will bring goals into the flow of work," including a richer integration with Microsoft Teams to check in on OKRs, an extension in Azure DevOps to complete work items, a connection to Power BI datasets to track KPIs and Key Results, and integrations with Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project for automatic project management updates."

Viva Learning and LinkedIn Learning will be enhanced, which will in turn enable users to get access to personal content from the LinkedIn Learning Hub directly from Teams. Those who have completed courses will also now have the ability to view custom content from the settings on LinkedIn Learning Hub, eliminating the need for APIs.

All of these new Microsoft Viva applications and services will be available in one convenient location, the new Viva Connections home experience. Users will also be provided with a customized and personalized summary of their productivity insights, recommendations, and employee experience information every day in their Outlook inbox.