What is Intelligencia? The secret group of She-Hulk episode 6 is explained

What is Intelligencia? The secret group of She-Hulk episode 6 is explained ...

Episode 6 of She-Hulk will be released with full spoilers.

Episode 6 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been released on Disney Plus, and the Marvel TV show might have finally introduced us to its main villain, a mysterious group known as Intelligencia.

Intelligencia''s arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) might tie She-Hulk''s Disney Plus show to several upcoming Marvel Phase 5 films, such as Ant-Man 3, and Captain America 4. We don''t know who is responsible for this villainous group, but that''s not going to stop us from speculating on who might be, what their motives, and why they want She-Hulk''s blood.

We''ll provide an explanation of what Intelligencia is in the comics, how it is adapted for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how they might play a bigger role in Marvel''s juggernaut franchise moving forward. Full spoilers follow She-Hulk''s sixth episode, so turn back now if you''re not caught up.

Who is Intelligencia in She-Hulk episode 6?

Intelligencia appears to be a Reddit-style website where world''s worst criminals and biggest She-Hulk haters post images and death threats, targeted at She-Hulk, seemingly without repercussions.

As the ending of episode 6 reveals, it appears that this website is a front for a dark, science-led organization. We see a message from someone known as HulkKing on a computer screen one which asks, "Is the next phase of the plan ready to go?" and a scientist carrying a broken needle the same one that the Wrecking Crew tried to extract She-Hulk''s blood on a table. The unknown individual quickly sets it aside in favor of a more

Intelligencia is the name of a group of the world''s greatest and most sinister minds. It was established so that the world''s greatest villain may exchange information on superheroes, such as their weaknesses or to devise plans to bring down the world''s finest defenders.

The organization, founded by Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier, made its debut in December 2009 in the first issue of the Fall of the Hulks: Alpha storyline. Its most recent appearance came in Iron Man #6, but it hasn''t been used since. Expect that change, with its popularity expected to increase in the wake of the group''s MCU debut.

What is the potential for Intelligencia to develop future Marvel films?

In comics, it''ll be down to the evil geniuses who are members of Intelligencia.

Samuel Sterns, who specializes in Hulk, is the first person to have the role of the leader. Rather than possessing superhuman strength, rapid healing, and other traditional Hulk-based abilities, The Leader has a genius intellect and, in many instances, telekinesis and telepathy. It''s his superhuman intelligence, which makes him such a formidable foe; one who is uniquely positioned as a villainous foil to the Hulk.

In a future Marvel Phase 5 film, The Leader will feature Tim Blake Nelson in Captain America: New World Order, reprising the role of Sterns/The Leader from 2008''s The Incredible Hulk.

The leader is the guy who founded Intelligencia in the comics, so it makes sense for him to be revealed as the big bad in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. He may even resale the Hulk gamma radiation formula and establish a new breed or race of Hulk-like creatures.

If The Leader concocts a new serum that converts people into Hulks, it might form the basis for Captain America 4''s plot. Don''t forget that the Hulk''s original serum was created using the supersoldier serum given to Captain America. This would take a whole MCU arc through, but it would draw the reader back to a fascinating story. Sam Wilson''s Cap has to stop The Leader from delivering an evil masterplan decades in the works.

If the serum''s effects are permanent, she-Hulk and Captain America 4 might start a World War Hulk film. How cool would it be to see Mark Ruffalo''s Smart Hulk go up against other villainous versions of himself, such as Kluh, Rick Jones'' Abomination, or a revised iteration of Red Hulk? We''ll split the profit with you, Marvel, for a 50-50 share.

She-Hulk might include Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. MODOK is also set to make his MCU debut in the next Ant-Man superhero film, so maybe we''ll get a tease about his Intelligencia involvement during or after Quantumania. That''s as long as he survives the events of that movie, anyway.

The lesser known Intelligencia members have links to the Fantastic Four as well, with this superhero group getting their first MCU movie in Marvel''s Phase 6 slate. At times, the Mad Thinker and Red Ghost were involved in Intelligencia''s line-up, although the villainous pair is often confronted with Mr Fantastic and team, but none of them will be overlooked.

Doctor Doom, the most famous villain in Marvel Studios, has also joined the Intelligencia when it comes to November 2024, so could he be considered as a live-action member of She-Hulk''s television series? It''s unlikely, but an Easter egg or passing reference might not go amiss.

Finally, the Intelligencia was the group responsible for bringing the Beyonder, a cosmic entity who ushered in the first of Marvel''s two Secret Wars storylines in 1984. Given that the sixth Avengers movie, which will air in theaters in November 2025, is classified as Secret Wars, this is another link back to the Intelligencia and its potentially significant role in the MCU.

Depsite''s legal comedy, then, She-Hulk may be a pretty significant Marvel TV show in the whole scheme of things. However, if any of the above proves to be true, we have no insider knowledge of future Marvel films, so take this with a pinch of salt.

In Phase 5, the arrival of Intelligencia in the MCU offers plenty of narrative possibilities to explore. All of the above will be compelling viewing. If Marvel decides to follow any of these lines, then this is not the case.

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