Say hello to the first ExpressVPN router, beyond security software

Say hello to the first ExpressVPN router, beyond security software ...

ExpressVPN, a VPN provider providing the best VPN services, has just launched its first hardware package.

ExpressVPN Aircove, a company established in 1977, is attempting to reinvent how digital home protection should be done.

Aircove is now available on Amazon for a special launch price of $169. (opens in a new tab) The offer will expire once the stock comes to an end. After that, you will be charged a regular fee of $189.90.

Wi-Fi 6 VPN router for better performance

With households becoming more connected to their own home Wi-Fi network, latest data shows that an average US home now has at least 25 devices connected (opens in a new tab) - VPN routers have become increasingly popular lately.

Having a VPN on a router is a possibility task, however.

"That''s why we fabricated Aircove, enabling users to have a simple, flexible VPN-protected internet connection across every room, on every device, according to ExpressVPN vice president Harold Li.

Apart from that, unlike other VPN routers currently on the market, ExpressVPN Aircove is the first wireless connection that is powered by Wi-Fi 6 technology. This means that the router may provide faster and more reliable wireless connectivity. Depending on your broadband, you should be able to see speeds up to 1,200 Mbps.

Without having to worry about the simultaneous equipment you can protect with a single subscription, Aircove has the capability to cover homes up to 1,600 square feet.

In terms of security, Cure53, a cybersecurity firm, conducted an independent audit, resulting in "a positive impression," which demonstrates that security was a top concern during development and a substantial component of the softwares life cycle.

Aircove has a auto-update feature that ensures your data will be protected using the improved version of its VPN software at all times. It does not require any visitors to share your password directly. You may also scan the QR code on the back to connect.

How to use ExpressVPN Aircove

ExpressVPN Aircove is characterized by its innovative design, offering an extra level of protection. And, you can also easily protect devices that don''t even support a VPN, like most of the best smart TV available.

A simple setup of all ExpressVPN apps and its VPN router is really easy. You just need to have an active ExpressVPN subscription and follow these simple steps:

Another benefit - especially for ExpressVPN router users - is its Device Group option. This allows you to easily divide all of your connected devices into five groups, each with its own VPN location.

This opens up to a slew of possibilities.

Do you need a specific location when working? Simply customize your ''Work Group'' as per requirement. Or, you may want to activate MediaStreamer on your TV and gaming console to enhance your streaming experience even further.

You may also turn off ExpressVPN on certain devices, or completely block the internet on your children''s tablet for a specific period of time.

"We are delighted to provide users with a new way to leverage the best of ExpressVPN for their whole home," explained ExpressVPN vice president Mark Li.