iOS 16.1 updates the battery percentage once more, but I liked how it was before

iOS 16.1 updates the battery percentage once more, but I liked how it was before ...

Since the update was given to everyone on the iPhone 8 and above, the battery percentage feature in iOS 16 has become a popular topic, but a preview version of iOS 16.1 is further refining.

Instead of a constant value that''s front of the battery icon, the battery itself runs down as it did before, therefore if your iPhone attains 20% for example, the icon will show as it did before and in red, while the percentage will remain.

It''s a minor decrease, but it will benefit those who wanted the best of both worlds, according to a battery icon where the percentage shows, while the battery itself falls below the value.

If you sign your iPhone up to Apple''s Beta Software Program (opens in a new tab) and install iOS 16.1, you can see why it works for the time being, especially as other iPhones will benefit from this feature once the upgrade is done for everyone.

If it ain''''t broke...

As there was too little space for both the percentage value disappeared when the notch arrived with the iPhone X back in 2017. But the feature first introduced in iOS 3 back in 2009, where anyone with an iPhone 3GS and above could flick a switch, and a numeric value would appear next to the battery icon.

Apple decided to do it in a different way with iOS 16, where the value would be on top of the battery icon. I was delighted to see this return on my iPhone 13 Pro, as I had to remove the Control Center from the display for it. Instead, I can see the value on the top right.

You can''t please everyone, and therefore Apple is redesigning the icon to show the battery run down as it did before. On my iPhone X, it looks cluttered to me today, with an ongoing battery icon and a numeric value in the same place.

We are still in the beta phase, so this might not be implemented until iOS 16.1 comes, but it would be beneficial to have more customization so that any individual may have the battery icon display how it works now or how it might be in the future. Regardless, it''s still nice to have a percentage value after so many years, but we''ll have to wait and see until iOS 16.1 will be available to anyone with an iPhone 8 and above.