Why is Logitech's Steam Deck competitor a little ahead of its date?

Why is Logitech's Steam Deck competitor a little ahead of its date? ...

In today''s poor public Wi-Fi, the Logitech G Cloud is a new handheld streaming console that looks a bit too forward-thinking.

The Logitech G Cloud, which was first fully released after being released last month, is an android-powered tablet that now has Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce, all pre-installed. The device, which is now available exclusively in North America, will cost $349.99 and costs $349.99. It''s up to 308 users per day and will allow you to play major triple-A games through the cloud while on the go.

The console is powered by a seven-inch 1080p touchscreen that gives you a 60Hz refresh rate, as well as haptics, a gyroscope, and remappable controls. Although it does not natively support 5G, it does not include a SIM card slot, so you will have to rely on Wi-Fi to stream anything to the console.

The Google Play Store has been fully restored, allowing you to run some of the best Android games. It also supports Xbox Remote Play and Steam Link, allowing you to stream your entire Xbox and Steam library, including those games that don''t on Xbox Game Pass directly.

A little too early

Ujesh Desai, the video head of Logitech Gaming, believes that cloud gaming is a fantastic new way to play games. I love that you can access game libraries from anywhere.

We wanted to rethink ourselves to create a cloud gaming device that was completely customizable. This meant high-end consoles, a large HD screen, incredible battery life, and a lightweight design so players can enjoy long gaming sessions without making any compromises.

The actual condition of Wi-Fi accessibility on the Logitech G Clouds is serious issues. However, the places you''ll likely want to be able to use a portable gaming console, trains, cars, and other public areas, often lack reliable Wi-Fi. Bring the Logitech G to your local park for a spot of outdoor gaming, and you''ll likely discover it has been transformed into a defunct lump of plastic.

In a decade''s time, superfast public Wi-Fi is the norm, the handheld might be one of the most effective, most affordable ways of playing major triple-A games anywhere you want. For the time being, though, the accessibility of public Wi-Fi is pretty limited. It will likely end up using it at home, putting it at the risk.

Many will wonder why they would bother splashing out the streaming-exclusive console with the Logitech G Clouds price now, adding to the additional fees youd have to pay for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Nvidia GeForce now, and the price of the new logitech kit is even less attractive.

Logitech is selling pre-orders of the console for $299.99, slamming $50 off its full retail price. It hasn''t announced whether the Logitech G Cloud will be shipped to other countries outside of North America, but we anticipate it to spread to Europe and other areas in the future.