This sleek new record player supports Sonos speakers wirelessly and is a game changer

This sleek new record player supports Sonos speakers wirelessly and is a game changer ...

If you have the components and the time to make it sound, listening to vinyl with your Sonos system can leverage the finest-in-class speakers to make your records sound great. However, you must specify Sonos devices to ensure that your record player and speakers play nicely until the moment comes.

Victrola has just announced the Victrola Stream Carbon, a $799 turntable with an official Works with Sonos badge. Despite the fact that the Stream Carbon is accessible to any Sonos speaker via Wi-Fi, there are no RCA cables required.

With wireless compatibility for all existing Sonos devices, the Victrola Stream Carbon overcomes this obstacle, as well as all other Sonos devices currently on the market.

This is a game changer for audiophiles who want to combine their love of vinyl with Sonos'' multi-room audio platform.

Taking the Victrola Stream Carbon for a spin

With the familiar controller interface in the Sonos app, I could control a Dinah Washington records playback on several Sonos speakers in a demo.

Despite the fact that my parents purchased a pretty substantial record collection, I had a number of Sonos speakers, but I had hesitant to invest time or money into making vinyl soundscapes for my house. Neither my Sonos Arc speaker, Nor My Sonos One, nor My Sonos Move speakers are compatible with turntables on their own.

I''m concerned that something might be lost in the translation here. People love vinyls depth, and there may be some concerns about the potential of a wireless transmission loss. Sonos speakers are equipped for lossless streaming, given you a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.

I couldnt explain the performances as compared to how it would sound via a wired Sonos Five, but I still heard plenty of subtleties in the tracks. The complexities even held up as I tossed the playback around different Sonos speakers.

Is Victrola Stream Carbon the perfect vinyl beginner?

Setting up the Victrola Stream Carbon is much like a Sonos setup, but it requires step-by-step visuals to get the turntable on the same Wi-Fi network as your Sonos system.

The playback screen in your Sonos app has been added once you have combined your Sonos account.

The Stream Carbon comes with an Ortofon cartridge, which is easily replaceable as a unit through Victrola, and eliminates the need for rewiring a replacement yourself. The arms counterweight is also has two presets you can adjust to whether you''re using an Ortofon or Goldring cartridge.

Even if you have never learned how to set up a turntable, the Victrola Stream Carbon left me with the impression that anyone who uses a Sonos system will be able to figure out the mechanics. I''ve always been a little intimidated by vinyl, but with the playback experience being built in the Sonos app I''m familiar with, I''m confident it would be the perfect vehicle to explore my fascination for vinyl.

The $799 price is certainly a reason for pause. However, if you have already invested heavily in your Sonos system, it might open the door to more listening opportunities. Many of the best record players also cost upwards of $1,000.

Thinking of adding a vinyl line to your collection? The Victrola Stream Carbon is now available for pre-order in the United States, with additional Stream products expected by early 2023.