Peloton Tread is getting all of these new features

Peloton Tread is getting all of these new features ...

If you thought the Peloton Row was the only news to drop this fall for the home workout industry, youd be wrong. The Peloton Tread is also getting some new features, which are designed to make the Tread a better training tool for perform runners.

I''ve run more than 100 miles on the Peloton Tread (read my Peloton Tread review for more information about it) and am so pleased to hear more about the upgrades. So I sat down to chat with Becs Gentry, a Peloton instructor and Tread trainer, and senior product manager Madeline Kruger.

Looking for more Peloton insight? Here''s what happened when we went hands-on with the new Peloton Row to see what it all would be like with the $3,200 rowing machine.

Today is the first day of the Peloton Tread (September 22) and here''s what you should expect from runners:

Just With Goals

The idea of building this model was based on runners.

Peloton has recognized that being able to program in a time or distance goal is beneficial for users training for a specific event or following a specific training plan. The new goal element will sit under the "Just Run."

Pelotons Tread''s senior product manager tells Toms Guide that his users'' training plans don''t always match with what our on-demand tread classes offer. Sometimes people have to run eight miles one day, and you have to basically stack classes to get there. Now, you''ll be able to go and set a time-based goal, or even a pace-based goal.

You need to have a clear-cut vision of what each and every one of your training days looks like, according to Peloton instructor and Tread training specialist Becs Gentry. Because otherwise, you might waste one. So we want runners to be able to get on and follow their own marathon training program, or do the session set by their coach. I think it''s really important to keep them on track in terms of what they''re training for, why they''re training, and how to do it effectively.


The Tread''s new instructor cue technique emulates the Bike Plus''s auto-resistance features. This allows you to gain a more seamless training experience and to force you to jump a bit harder, according to Gentry.

We all know that speed training is important and helpful to everyone. "It''s also going to be great for people who want to go higher and high school. It''s also going to feel more like an outdoor activity, especially if you are not careful about pushing the button four times. But now you''re not going to have to get to an undulating area and turn it around and be like screwing it up. I think it eliminates the problem.

Because it gives those who do hiking or walking training that have significant incline changes the possibility to have a much more immersive experience, said Kruger.

Strava Integration

If it wasn''t on Strava, many runners will agree if it didn''t happen. Peloton will allow users to automatically sync their Tread workouts to the Strava platform upon completion of a workout. (Read our Strava app review and see some of the best workout apps to download).

Gentry joked that Peloton''s outdoor marathon training program is for runners. But even before returning to the program, users recognize that it is an integral part of your training program, send it to your coach, and feel good about it. It''s incredible.


To be able to see a continuous divide is going to help people see where they''re at everyday, and to assist them understand what their coach means when they say a simple run versus a tempo run.

In class and for the entire workout, runners will be able to see their mile or kilometer splits.

I think that''s one thing that I talked to the organization about. Gentry says that the overall rate of a run can be frightening if you''re training daily. To be able to see a progressive split is going to help people understand where they''re at on a daily basis, and that''s because I used to be for warm-up miles. If I had been able to see my progressive splits, I''d have been able to improve it by allowing yourself to feel confident while having fun.

Is Peloton attempting to target the more advanced runners with these metrics and dismantling from its USP fun, accessible workouts? In a word, yes.

I think it''s vital for everybody, according to Kruger, who is primarily focused on someone who may not know much about running, or who are interested in improving their running experience. Plus, when you look at your auto-incline, you may think about one less thing while working out and maybe even push yourself harder than you normally would. It''s kind of a good feeling.

Gentry agreed: I believe this is a two-sided answer. Because yes, it''s initially going to appeal to more experienced runners. On the other hand, everybody who moves their body in the chosen direction is an athlete. I think this is going to help individuals realize that they thought it was too complicated, or they didn''t want to hire a coach, or they weren''t that bothered. To take that next step and see themselves in a more confident light.

Is it possible to talk on the Tread and give the new features a go yet, but I will leave you with the ever-positive words of one of my all-time favorite instructors: These changes will essentially aid everybody, whether as an athlete or as a spectator for the first time." Gentry believes.