The long-awaited Oculus Quest 2 video update is now available

The long-awaited Oculus Quest 2 video update is now available ...

Meta has finally added improved video settings to the VR headset for everyone, and it was exactly what we expected. After reuniting an Oculus Quest 2 update back in March and sending it to developers in July, the developer had finally confirmed that the update was made public.

The Oculus Quest 2s video recording capabilities have been severely lacking since its release. Users may only record square, slow, and relatively low-quality footage if they don''t want to purchase external hardware and jump through several hoops. However, the Quest 2 v44 (opens in a new tab) update has fixed the trend, which has included some well-deserved improvements.

The one one of the many who will be most excited about in this update is the ability to set video recordings at 16:9 instead of the Quest 2s standard 1:1 aspect ratio by default. The usual square videos are perfect for Instagram and TikTok, but they are not quite perfect for those looking to share VR content on Twitch or YouTube.

On top of that, VR videographers will be able to increase videos frame rate and bit rate changes that will make the video smoother and less fuzzy respectively. Although Meta warns that increasing these values comes with downsides; higher framerates may adversely affect your Quest 2s performance, and higher bit rate videos will take up a lot more space on your device.

This Oculus Quest 2 update will boost image stabilization. Because your head is the camera in these recordings, it''s quite easy for the image to get a little shaky, especially if you''re playing an active game like Beat Saber, and Meta is bringing in image stabilization to make watching your recordings more bearable.

However, although there are a few flaws, such as the removal of stabilization will decompose the video viewing field (which, as Meta points out, is unavoidable).

Because changing these settings can be a tradeoff, they''ll be hidden under your Advanced Camera Settings in Quest 2s. Once your VR headset has been upgraded to the latest version (v44), you''ll need to go to your devices System Settings, select the Camera option from the menu on the left of the window, and select Advanced Camera Settings.

Parental supervision revised

v44 provides a few additional parental supervision tools to help keep your kids safe while they play VR games.

The first change will allow parents and guardians to block Developer Mode on a teens account. This feature is what allows users to sideload apps onto the Oculus Quest 2; because these games and services arent native to the Meta Quest digital store, your device will not be able to age restrict them properly.

Meta is also making it easier to use App Unlock to keep certain games out of reach for younger users. With a single unlock pattern, you can now lock multiple titles, simplifying the setup process and reducing the likelihood that youll forget what the pattern is.

On top of that, you may batch lock games based on their rating. By selecting the Mature-rated games, you can quickly lock them all up before sending the headset to a potential VR friend who isn''t ready for those kinds of VR experiences yet. You may also see these new options on the App Lock page in your Security settings.