Users report blurry images and sluggish noise while using Instagram and TikTok on the iPhone 14 Pro camera

Users report blurry images and sluggish noise while using Instagram and TikTok on the iPhone 14 Pro  ...

The brand new iPhone 14 Pro models reportedly have camera issues that result in focus issues while using third-party apps. Users have complained that their iPhone 14 Pro makes a grinding noise and shakes uncontrollably while using the camera via third-party applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, etc. The issue has surfaced on the internet as many users face this issue, and it also renders the camera unusable.

Apple''s new 48MP primary camera has been introduced, despite an impressive year. In 2014, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus became the first iPhone to include the 12MP camera system.

While using third-party apps, the iPhone 14 Pro is experiencing some issues.

uh, weare is experiencing some issues with the 14 Pro Max camera

The iPhone 14 Pro, which prompted significant camera improvements, has been confronted with several pressing camera issues. iPhone 14 Pro users have complained that their iPhone 14 Pros are having trouble focussing while using a third-party app such as Snapchat, TikTok, or Instagram. This makes it difficult to take a picture that is not blurred.

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The iPhone 14 Pro cameras, however, are equally disturbing due to the focussing difficulties. While it is unsurprising for an established brand to have such an issue, a grinding noise from the camera also causes concern about any hardware damage.

A YouTuber has also tweeted a video where he demonstrates how the camera system vibrates and ends up producing blurry scenes. Various buzzing and rattling noises can also be heard from the camera module.

This issue has not been identified on the native iOS camera app. The scope of the physical damage that may be caused to the camera module is still unknown. Apple is yet to comment on this issue.

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