Experiment with a large number of unskippable ads has concluded

Experiment with a large number of unskippable ads has concluded ...

Following user reports on Twitter and Reddit, a growing number of viewers said they saw up to ten non-skippable adverts on YouTube in a row. Despite complaints from users around the world, the YouTube-owned business has concluded the experiment with advertisements. The advertising company is able to maintain the platform and financially support creators.

According to user reports on Reddit and Twitter, YouTube was playing up to ten unskippable ads before the chosen video even begins. Twitter recently responded to a user''s question about its sudden increase of unskippable ads, declaring that they are "bumper ads," which last only six seconds.

According to a YouTube spokesperson, "we''re constantly monitoring organizations across the world" and we''re constantly developing ways to increase viewer experience. We conducted a small experiment worldwide that served multiple ads in an ad pod when viewers watched longer videos on connected televisions. The goal of this small experiment is to improve the viewer experience by reducing ad breaks.

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By signing up to YouTube Premium, users may permanently avoid seeing ads. In India, the YouTube Premium annual plan costs Rs. 1,290, while the YouTube Premium Family plan costs Rs. 189 per month. The company also offers a 30-day free trial for new subscribers.