GTA 6 Gameplay Videos Have Been Leaked Online; Shown to Feature Female Lead Character 'Lucia': Report

GTA 6 Gameplay Videos Have Been Leaked Online; Shown to Feature Female Lead Character 'Lucia': Repor ...

According to a source, video from GTA 6 or Grand Theft Auto VI has been leaked on a forum for the popular open world action-adventure game. This is consistent with a previous report that Rockstar''s next GTA installment may include a female lead character. Soon after the video went viral on several social media platforms, Rockstar owner Take Two Interactive began filing copyright claims to take the footage down.

Videos of GTA 6 gameplay have been viewed on YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter, following the viral post. The developer has also begun soliciting copyright complaint on YouTube. Most videos have been removed from YouTube, but some are still doing the rounds on Twitter.

Jason Schreier, a video game developer, said on Twitter that the leaked footage from GTA 6 was unfinished, and that the gameplay is part of an early test build version of the game. This is one of the biggest leaks in video game history, and a complication for Rockstar Games, he added. He also said that management may be restricting the work-from-home flexibility for a while.

Not that there was a lot of doubt, but I''ve confirmed with Rockstar sources that this weekend''s massive Grand Theft Auto VI leak is real. It''s early and unfinished, though. This is one of the greatest video game leaks and a nightmare for Rockstar Games.

In another video, Jason can be seen next to two NPCs, who are talking about Life Invader, the GTA 5 in-game social media platform.

Lastly, a video of the leaked GTA 6 gameplay shows that it may feature a strip club as well. The game is reportedly set in Vice City, the fictionalized version of Miami. According to reports, the test build utilizes the police vehicles from GTA 5 with VCPD''s (Vice City Police Department) written on them. The voice acting quality and dialogues are said to be quite similar to the style of Rockstar Games.