Protect your new iPhone 14 with the sleek textured Grip Case

Protect your new iPhone 14 with the sleek textured Grip Case ...

So, you have just purchased your new iPhone 14, but how are you going to protect it from scratches and scratches? The dbrand Grip Case is the perfect accessory for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The Grip Case is available in a range of 29 different colored backplates, which includes a thin profile, satisfyingly clicky buttons, and military grade drop protection and impact resistance. In fact, the textured surface makes it tacky in the hand, making your phone difficult to drop in the first place.

The Grip Case is only two millimeters above the display, making your phone feel less stressed. In fact, it is only twenty times longer than a human hair.

The front lip of the cases features a thoughtfully chamfered edge, which means your thumb can still access the entire width of your screen, ideal for straightforward gesture navigation. For horizontal edge swipes, the edge of the case arcs slightly in the center, so the lip doesn''t get in the way of your thumb.

The back of the case has a ridge that supports the iPhone 14 camera bump, allowing you to place your phone flat and never forget about the protruding camera module once more.

The name dbrand has designed this case to be particularly grippy. Microscopic ridges in the case are made up of microscopic textured dots across the surface.

These tens of thousands of dots are invisible to the naked eye, but they make a significant difference when it comes to handling the device. There are even liquid black grip strips on the sides of the case, allowing for even greater tackiness.

The Grip Case literally gives your hand tens of thousands of contact points. The goal? Youll never drop your phone again. In the event you do, the Grip Case offers military grade impact resistance for protection. And you may even add a tempered glass dbrand screen protector with your order for even greater scratch protection.

The Grip case has a wide choice of compatible backplates, allowing you to select something that suits you. Whether you prefer colorful or subdued, you can find something for yourself.

Finally, the dbrand Grip Case is MagSafe compatible, so you may wirelessly charge with the MagSafe charging puck or use other MagSafe accessories without having to remove the case.