A AMD Ryzen 9 7900X leak suggests a stunning 12-core CPU

A AMD Ryzen 9 7900X leak suggests a stunning 12-core CPU ...

The AMDs Ryzen 9 7900X processor has been identified in a comparison, where it shows a neat pair of heels to the model it will soon be successful.

The 5900X will be available for about a week as a result of the 12-core processor, which has been named Geekbench 5 as a result of the tweeting from @BenchLeaks (via Toms Hardware (opens in a new tab)).

[GB5 CPUCPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X (12C 24T)Min/Max/Avg: 5265/5640/5589 MHzCPUID: A60F12 (AuthenticAMD)Scores, vs AMD 5800XSingle: 2167, +25.4%Multi: 18446, +71.7%https://t.co/OiagBx7UjJSeptember 16, 2022

In both instances, the Ryzen 7900X performed a 2,167 for one-thread and 18,446 for multi-thread, averaging 30% faster than the 5900X, based on typical Geekbench results for the latter (actually 32% faster for multi-core). As always with any leak, be patient and remember there is a possibility that it might be faked.

AMD''s previously observed 30% generational increase is what it was said for the single-thread gain from next-gen chips, despite the fact that multi-threaded workloads were higher.

Analyse: First, caution, and let''s not forget the real battle here.

In these leak scenarios, we must not only keep caution at the forefront of our minds about authenticity, but also remember that even if it is genuine, this is only a single benchmark, with a somewhat limited sense of the Ryzen 7900X''s (purported) performance.

It''s reassuring to note that it aligns with AMD''s pre-release marketing figures for single-thread isn''t quite as impressive as the current-gen 5900X, although it''s still a substantial increase. We might well see better results for multi-core in other benchmarks, and it''s too early to begin considering these next-gen processors before they''re even released.

When Zen 4 processors launch on September 27, the Ryzen 9 7900X will be the first model under the flagship 7950X, and it will be priced at the same price point as the 5900X, namely $399 (around 345, AU$590).

Intels Raptor Lake is also inbound, although it is believed to be a lie behind the Ryzen 7000 processors in terms of selling, with Intels 13th-gen CPUs expected to be unavailable until mid-October or slightly thereafter.

The real battle will not be Ryzen 7000 versus 5000, but Ryzen 7000 versus Raptor Lake will be a close-run battle, according to sources. Intel is unlikely to be able to go easy on the price tags, nevertheless, Team Blue is presenting its next-gen chips to a poor value proposition compared to AMD''s Zen 4 offerings.