For developers, JavaScript is no longer the most popular programming language

For developers, JavaScript is no longer the most popular programming language ...

When it comes to the worlds most popular programming languages, a new study has revealed that JavaScript is no longer the top dog.

TypeScript has now overtaken JavaScript in the number one position, putting one of the world''s finest names.

The change is likely to be a result of its developer-friendly tools, such as allowing them to detect smaller errors locally and to commit work code more frequently compared to JavaScript.

Top programming languages

According to a research, only Python remained relatively popular from 2019 to 2021, placing the language on the fourth spot. Other top-ten languages include HTML, Java, and PHP.

HashiCorp (HCL) has taken the top-ten position, registering a beautiful ninth position, putting the way for both HTML and Swift, trailing one and two places behind.

Elite software delivery teams are adopting development-friendly strategies that allow them to automate, scale, and successfully embrace change when necessary," said CircleCI''s vice president of platform Michael Stahnke.

High performers are striving for techniques that increase collaboration, repeatability, and productivity.

Other aspects of programmers workflow were explored, thus identifying four key metrics that define some of the most successful engineering teams. These include workflow durations averaging between five and 10 minutes, recoveries from failed runs fixed or reverted within one hour, a minimum 90 percent success rate for the default branch of their application, and regular deployment as per business requirements.