iOS 16 is now available: Lock Screen customization, iMessage edit/undo send, and much more

iOS 16 is now available: Lock Screen customization, iMessage edit/undo send, and much more ...

iOS 16 is now available to the general public. After three months of beta testing, Apple released its latest major update for iPhone users earlier this week. Including new edit and deletion capabilities, a completely customizable Lock Screen, and more.

Now that iOS 16 has been available for a few days, go below for a look at some of the best features you should be using.

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How to install iOS 16

Apple makes it simpler to install iOS 16 by simply following the Settings app on your iPhone. Open the Settings app, select General, and select Software Update. You may then update to iOS 16 with a few taps.

If you choose to install iOS 16 immediately, you may have it installed overnight while your iPhone is charging. It will make your phone unusable once the update is complete.

iOS 16 features: The best features

iOS 16''s headlining feature is the ability to customize your Lock Screen in full detail. You can now select custom fonts and colors, and apply different filters. You can also customize multiple different Lock Screens and easily switch between them. These Lock Screens may also be tied to Focus Modes, so they may change automatically.

Third-party apps can also integrate with Lock Screen widgets in a way that''s much similar to placing widgets on your Home screen. We''ve already seen some of our favorite apps add support for Lock Screen widgets, and there are going to be additional changes in the next few weeks.

The addition of new Lock Screen features will offer you a new way to make your iPhone match your personality. Here, you can learn more about customizing your Lock Screen with widgets, fonts, photos, and more in our complete guide.

Apple has added a new default wallpaper, new collections for Pride and Unity, as well as new Weather and Astronomy collections. The Weather and Astronomy collections are particularly fun because they show live data for your current location.

Finally, iOS 16 allows you to create wallpapers using emoji characters, photo shuffle, and custom color gradients. There is also the return of the iconic clownfish wallpaper from the original iPhone.

iOS 16 includes two lengthy-awaited features to iMessage: the ability to unsend a message as well as to modify one. Apple has made some modifications to these features throughout the beta testing process in response to concerns over abuse.

After you have sent an iMessage, you may then send it to another user for up to two minutes. However, other users will be able to see that you unsent a message, but they will not be able to see what it said.

iMessage can be edited up to five times. Each of the edits is logged and visible to both the sender and receiver of the message.

Other changes to Messages:

  • Mark as unread
  • Recover recently deleted messages
  • SharePlay via Messages
  • SMS Tapbacks on Android
  • Audio message playback: fast-forward or rewind audio messages as you listen

Focus is seeing some major changes with the release of iOS 16 this year, especially because Apple has simplified the setup process to make it easier to allow or block notifications from specific apps and contacts.

Focus filters allow you to manage boundaries across Apple applications such as Calendar, Mail, and Safari. For example, you may easily hide your work calendar or work email while the Personal Focus setting is enabled. Additionally, developers may use a new Focus filter API.

Lock Screens and Home Screens may be linked to focus modes, displaying specific pages and screens depending on the focus that is currently enabled.

Without a few significant improvements in security and privacy, it wouldn''t be an iOS update. Apple''s Safety Check is one of the most popular features on the app. This is a fresh section in the Settings app that helps people dealing with domestic or intimate partner violence situations quickly restore the access they have given to others.

If circumstances or trust levels differ, the Safety Check allows you to disconnect from people, apps, and devices you no longer want to be connected to. This allows you to immediately reset access for all people and apps, and assist you in evaluating your account security. You may also customize which people and apps can access your information.

In our whole guide here, you may learn more about the new Safety Check feature for iOS 16s.

iOS 16 also includes a new pasteboard permission tool that requires apps to request your permission before accessing the pasteboard to paste content from another app.

Rapid Security Response is a new feature that allows for even more security improvements on your device than previously. According to Apple, these improvements can be automatically applied between standard software updates.

Lockdown Mode has been added to iOS 16 to help a relatively limited number of users who are facing potentially severe, potentially significant threats to their digital security. Certain features will be limited to reduce the attack surface that might be exploited by highly targeted mercenary spyware.

Lockdown Mode disables features in applications such as Messages, Safari, FaceTime, Photos, and others. The following are some of the most discussed topics in this article.

Apple has even improved the notifications system for iOS 16, especially on the Lock Screen. Notifications now come from the bottom of the screen, which Apple claims is a technique that will improve the resolution of your wallpaper and other customization options.

Three notifications options are available in the Settings app: counts tack and list. The total number of notifications you have in total, the stack organizes your notifications into a single stack per app, and the notification system that iOS has been using for years.

iOS 16, along with other macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16, is aiming to completely eliminate our dependence on usernames passwords. Today, passwords are one of the weakest links in digital security, and Apple is adopting the new passkey standard in its attempt to go forward.

The passkey standard is referred to as unique digital keys that can replace the need for passwords altogether by reducing the sign-in between your devices, websites, and apps.

The flow of logging in with a passkey will work similarly to using iCloud Keychain and Face ID or Touch ID. The difference, therefore, is that instead of selecting a credential from iCloud Keychain and autofilling your password and username into text fields, youll select (or create) a passkey as your login method. Passkeys are synced across your devices using iCloud Keychain with end-to-end encryption, so even Apple cant see the information.

Here, we provide a comprehensive in-depth introduction to everything you need to know about Passkeys.

Apple''s voice-powered Siri and Dictation features have been completely changed. Especially, iOS 16 allows you to easily switch between voice and touch while dictating. Dictation in the game allows you to tap in the text field, move the cursor, and include QuickType suggestions.

Dictation now allows for auto-punctuation, which allows you to automatically include commas, periods, and question marks as you dictate.

Other Siri upgrades:

  • Insert emoji when sending messages withSiri.
  • Skip the confirmation step when sending messages.
  • Siri can run shortcuts from your apps without any setup required.

One of my favorite iOS 16 features is the completely new Home app. After several years of minor changes, the Home app has received a massive upgrade with iOS 16.

The new Home app is designed to make it simpler to navigate, organize, view, and control all of your accessories. By selecting favorite items for each room, viewing things according to categories, changing the thickness of different tiles, and so on.

Apple is also considering adopting the Matter standard, which will be available later this year. This will allow you to use compatible accessories seamlessly across multiple platforms. It should also increase the number of accessories that support HomeKit and Siri control.

iOS 16 has a slew of new Accessibility features, which was first and foremost introduced by Apple Watch mirroring. Some include switch control and voice control.

The Magnifier app also has a new Detection Mode, which allows you to find a door, read signs and labels, and get instructions on how to open it.

Live Captions allow users who are deaf or difficult of hearing to generate automatically generated captions in real time. It also allows users to have a spontaneous dialogue with their speaker in FaceTime.

iOS 16 has some more accessibility capabilities:

  • Buddy controller: Combine inputs from multiple game controllers into one so your care provider or friend can support you in getting to the next level in yourgame.
  • Adjust how long Siri waits for you to finish speaking before responding to yourrequest.
  • Dictate names, addresses, or other custom spellings letter by letter using VoiceControl spelling mode.
  • You can now hang up Phone and FaceTime calls with VoiceControl.
  • VoiceOver and SpokenContent are now available in over 20 additional languages and locales

The Photos app is getting some major improvements with iOS 16. There is a new duplicate detection feature that identifies all duplicate photos, allowing you to easily clean up the library. A lot of the hidden and recently Deleted albums are also now locked behind your iPhones passcode and Face ID.

The Photos app now allows you to copy the edits you''ve made on one photo and paste them onto another photo or even a batch of other photos. Similarly, you may now edit and edit multiple edits in your photographs.

Another feature from the Photos app will be the iCloud shared photo library later this year. This allows you to share a separate photo library with up to five people.

Other iOS 16 features

These are just a few of the most significant features included in iOS 16. The update also includes a number of further improvements and improvements. Here is a plethora of other new iOS 16 features:

  • Apple Maps supports multi-stop routing, allowing you to play a route with multiple stops along the way.
  • Health app adds medication tracking: Create a medications list to keep track of medications, vitamins, and supplements you take.
  • Fitness app now available for all iPhone users, even if you dont have an Apple Watch.
  • FaceID now works in landscape on supported iPhonemodels.
  • FaceTime now supports Handoff: Move FaceTime calls seamlessly from your iPhone to your Mac or iPad, and vice versa.
  • Notes app now allows you to lock notes behind your iPhone passcode.
  • The Music app now supports favoriting different artists and bands as well as new playlist sorting options.
  • Live Text now supports videos: Text is completely interactive in paused video frames, so you can use functions like copy and paste, lookup, and translate.
  • iOS 16 can instantly remove the background from any image, allowing you to effortlessly lift the subject from the background of an image. Heres how it works.
  • The Mail app now supports scheduled send and undo send for the first time.
  • You can now enable Haptic Feedback for the system keyboard.

Im incredibly pleased to see Apple continue to focus on personalization and customization with iOS 16. Following the release of iOS 14 and Home Screen widgets in 2020, we saw an influx of people going to extreme lengths to customize their iPhones Home Screen. There may be some more in this area, including custom app icons.

While key features like Lock Screen customization and editing/unsending iMessages will likely be the most popular iOS 16, there are a ton of other changes that enhance the iPhone experience this year. Improved tapback capabilities with Android devices will be popular for cross-platform communication, the new Home app finally gives HomeKit a modernized experience, and security and privacy changes are enormous as usual.

Im also very excited to see where passkeys can travel us on a longer term basis. A world without usernames and passwords is a land that will be far more secure than today. It is just a matter of getting widespread adoption from third-party apps and websites.

There are already more iOS 16 features coming later this year. These include Live Activities, a new Freeform app, Apple Pay Later, and more. Here''s a list of all the features that have been postponed.

What are some of the iOS 16 improvements that you''re most eager to try? Please let us know down in the comments!