How to Pair a New Apple Watch with your New iPhone [New process]

How to Pair a New Apple Watch with your New iPhone [New process] ...

Are you looking to switch from your Apple Watch Series 7 to the newSeries 8 or SE? Perhaps you just need to transfer your existing Apple Watch with your new iPhone? Follow along for how to seamlessly pair a new or existing Apple Watch with iPhone without losing data, as well as a new process in iOS 16.

Backups of Apple Watch are done automatically on the iPhone that your Apple Watch is connected with. However, there is no way to manually backup yourApple Watchor to see when the last automatic backup occurred.

Read on to see if your Apple Watch is supported and your device is expected to upgrade to your next one.

If youre upgrading to a new iPhone 14 (or any other new model), you''ll need to take care of it first.

Apple notes that these items are not included with Apple Watch backups, including Bluetooth pairings, credit or debit cards used for Apple Pay, Apple Watch passcode, and messages.

How to pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone

iOS 16 should include a fresh and seamless new approach to transfer an existing Apple Watch from your old iPhone to your new one.

Follow the instructions provided below if this procedure does not work for you.

If you want or need to include a new Apple Watch on your iPhone, then pair an existing watch as a new one:

If youre not seeing a backup that will be restored, you might need to make sure that the backup is true.

Since Apple Watch backups do not come with any iCloud or Mac/PC backup with your iPhone, this is how Apple has stated:

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