No, Microsoft will not increase the price of the Xbox Series X

No, Microsoft will not increase the price of the Xbox Series X ...

Microsoft confirms that the Xbox Series X will not receive a price increase just yet, but left things open for the future. Potential Xbox Series X buyers may be relieved to learn that the future hasn''t arrived just yet.

Phil Spencer, the Xbox CEO, said yesterday (September 15) that the company is unlikely to increase Xbox Series X prices in the short term. However, as it was a few weeks ago, the gaming industry is still a troubled place, and Spencer didn''t rule out changing prices at some point in the future.

In a four-minute interview with CNBC International, Spencer covered a broad spectrum of topics, from big-budget acquisitions in the gaming industry to Microsoft''s presence in Japan, to Discord integration. The conclusion Spencer addressed was the possibility of an increase in Xbox console prices.

Spencer said on anything that we will never do something. But when we look at our consoles today, we believe that value is absolutely vital.

I can absolutely say that today we have no intentions to raise [the] price of our consoles. In a time when our customers are more economically challenged and uncertain than ever, we do not believe it is the right move.

Microsoft''s commitment to pay for the Xbox Series X is partially altruistic and partly practical. On the one hand, empathizing with customers who may be in financial constraints exhibits a level of corporate goodwill. That may sound trite, but not every company has been so thoughtful as the prices for Sony and Metas have risen.

Microsoft may sell more consoles at a lower price, which is crucial to the user base, and thus, the number of players in the Xbox ecosystem.

Spencer was hesitant about whether Microsoft might alter its mind in the future. Sony and Meta are not the only companies with supply chain shortcomings, and Microsoft moves in similar industrial settings. At a certain point, the company may acquire less consoles at a higher cost.

Your only defense against a potential price hike is to buy an Xbox Series X sooner rather than later, or to wait a few years to see the price decrease as it happens in most console cycles. But this current console cycle isn''t as unusual as most people.