The Samsung Galaxy S23 has just been pushed for a surprise downgrade

The Samsung Galaxy S23 has just been pushed for a surprise downgrade ...

The Samsung Galaxy S23 looks to be bulking up rather than narrowing down.

GSMArena''s first measurements (opens in a new tab), but a prominent leaker Ice Universe recently disclosed the possibility dimensions for the Galaxy S23 lineup (opens in a new tab). While these dimensions were almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup, there were a few differences.

Samsung increased all four bezels for the S23 by 0.15mm, it''s less bulky than the S22, and I can''t understand why Samsung does this, but I have to once again suspect that there is a spy inside Samsung. 15, 2022

The reason for this small increase in the size is presumably the Galaxy S23 bezels at least according to Ice Universe (opens in a new tab). In a tweet, he explained that Samsung may increase the bezels by 0.15mm on all four sides.

While this may seem like a minuscule change, there are a few reasons why it matters. If the bezels are larger by the exact size increase, then the screen will not become bigger despite the phone size increasing. This might be a surprising decision if true, and reverse previous trend of increased screen sizes and reduced bezel sizes.

It might be a theoretical shock from Samsung, which is a red flag. There is always a chance that there is a reason for the potential shift, which might increase stability, but on the face, this feels like an unnecessary shake. Time will tell if this rumor bears fruit, and if it does, whether or not users notice any difference.

Latest Samsung Galaxy S23 design rumors

Ice Universe has questioned the possible size of the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup for the first time in August. With the slight size increase we are now thinking that this may be due to increased bezels. So it appears that each leak has gained credibility, although it is still speculative at this point since we''re a few months out from the phone''s announcement.

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to retain the same camera configuration as the S22 Ultra, although it has a beefier sensor. However, some reports have suggested that the main camera will be upgraded to a 200MP sensor, indicating that even the 48MP main camera will be improved. More megapixels does not always equal better photos.

Finally, we have some battery insight for the Galaxy S23, which is both positive and bad news. The Galaxy S23 Ultra isn''t expected to get a battery upgrade over the S22 Ultra. However, the Galaxy S23 Plus battery might have just surpassed the S23 lineup for a February release date.

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