Is Sins of Our Mother available on Netflix super dark and popular among viewers?

Is Sins of Our Mother available on Netflix super dark and popular among viewers? ...

Netflix does true crime like few others, partly because it releases more. And Sins of Our Mother the latest Netflix true crime docuseries that is currently heating up the charts looks like its latest grizzly must-watch.

Sins of Our Mother jumped into the top two on Netflix''s top TV shows list yesterday (Sept. 15) and is still there today. What''s just as important, though, is that it''s not just audiences streaming Sins of Our Mother up. However, critics like it.

Not enough critics have reviewed the series to give it a consensus rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but Sins of Our Mother isn''t being ignored either, and all the reviews we''ve found are positive.

What is Sins of Our Mother all about?

The sad family photos in Netflix documentaries are the greatest red flag. This three-part documentary series is filled with archival footage of Lori Vallow, a smiling mother surrounded by her family, but it quickly turns to the truth: Lori is awaiting her day in court as she and one of her husbands, Chad Daybell, are accused of murdering two of her children and his wife.

Vallow''s case drew international attention when she was refused to account for the properties of daughter Tylee Ryan and son J.J.. She and Mr. Daybell were later separated from the rest of the country, where they went on vacation. The two are seen as being driven by their own theology, a version of what they learned as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In this limited series, Lori''s son Colby may have the ability to explain his family''s story to Netflix. He explains how he fell in love with his mother because of her conviction about an imminent apocalypse that Colby''s wife never agreed with.

You''ll learn how the death of Daybell''s wife was initially thought to be related to natural causes. Your eyes will widen at Lori kidnapping the two now-deceased children. And it''s possible that Lori''s 911 call will be paused when her husband Charles was shot.

Commentaries on Sins of Our Mother: What the critics like

Although ratings are mostly positive (with some appropriate critiques), the consistent thing you read is that Sins of Our Mother is the perfect Netflix true crime series. At least by the standards they might have.

"Sins of Our Mother is about as Netflix True Crime as it gets," Rebecca Nicholson says of The Guardian (opens in a new tab). It is bombastic, compelling, complex, and with tons of twists and turns, and gives the feeling of being sucked into other peoples for entertainment.

"Sins Of Our Mother is a powerful retelling of an ongoing story that encompasses more tragedy and twists and turns than even Shakespeare could have imagined. All of this is done in a very straightforward manner because with a story that is so complicated, there is no even need for bells and whistles."

The Wall Street Journal believes that the series isn''t particularly powerful in either direction, but we''re sure Netflix would love the latter half of this quote, as he says, "Sins of Our Mother may not be the perfect nonfiction miniseries about American Western Gothic weirdness, but it does include a kitchen sinks worth of true-crime ingredients and wreckage: murder, insanity, adultery, religion, and doomsday scenarios."

Reviews of Sins of Our Mother: What the critics dislike

Sins of Our Mother isn''t exactly perfect, according to Nicholson, because of where we currently live in the documentary. "The problem with this documentary is that there isn''t really an end point. "Vallow and Daybell were detained in 2020 after the discovery of human remains on Daybell''s property, but the legal process has been lengthy and drawn out; they are expected to stand trial in January 2023."

"I couldn''t help but wonder if the two chief suspects had waited until they had been prosecuted, and a verdict was reached to tell the story more precisely," she said.

Should you watch Sins of Our Mother?

The true crime-loving people on Netflix are already voting a big "yes" for this one. We can''t blame them. It appears like the best way to see Sins of Our Mother is with the expectations that the story isn''t yet complete.

While the ludicrous plot elements will leave you wondering whether or not, then getting into Sins of Our Mother knowing that this is basically the first part of an unfinished story should be a way to watch it without being disappointed. I mean, that worked for Game of Thrones (... until season 8).