Even if you are coming from iOS 16.1, here's how to upgrade to your iPhone 14

Even if you are coming from iOS 16.1, here's how to upgrade to your iPhone 14 ...

The new iPhones are now available. Lets look at how to transfer data to iPhone 14 to ensure you don''t lose any data. Also look at what you need to do if you have already installed the iOS 16.1 developer or public beta on your old iPhone.

Below weve got several options to seamlessly transfer all of your data to your new iPhone. If you require a refresher, please include the reset and removal of your old iPhone.

If youre upgrading in a carrier store or at another retailer, do not let a salesperson rush you through the process or handle it for you. Its best to verify for yourself that all your information is transferring/transferred and that your old iPhone is removed before sending it in.

Apple has warned that there may be flaws with activating iMessage and FaceTime with iOS 16 that is preinstalled on the iPhone 14, so look out for a prompt to install iOS 16.0.1 shortly after you set it on.

Transfer data to iPhone 14 without losing anything.

For most situations, the Quick Start direct transfer will be the most straightforward way to upgrade to your new iPhone and get all your data moved over seamlessly (requires WiFi or cellular and Bluetooth).

You may even check to see if your current iPhone is ready to quickly transfer to your new iPhone ahead of time (though this isn''t mandatory). On your current iPhone, head to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > and tap Get Started at the top.

When youre ready to transfer all your data to your new iPhone in either case, he or she will.

Keep an eye on some applications that may have a different processor to collect and restore data, such as Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

If youre having trouble with the direct transfer, you may go back to an iCloud or Mac/PC backup.

If you have the iOS 16.1 beta installed on your current iPhone and have already completed an iCloud or Mac backup, you will not be able to restore iOS 16 or 16.0.1. So the most simple option will be:

How to reset your old iPhone