A large number of Windows servers are lacking adequate security protection

A large number of Windows servers are lacking adequate security protection ...

Nearly one in every five Windows servers is missing endpoint protection, which means organizations of all ages are putting a risk to various cybersecurity situations, including ransomware.

According to a Sevco Security study, which collected data from over 500,000 IT assets, businesses are not only taking proper care of their Windows servers, but also over-indexing on Windows client protection.

According to the company, almost one in ten (11%) of Windows customers is missing endpoint protection.

Macs missing endpoint protection, too

Overall, visibility appears to be a major issue, as the report claims that 12% of all IT assets are missing endpoint protection, while some 5% of IT assets were never discovered by patch management solutions.

12% of MacOS assets are missing endpoint protection and are 2-3 times more likely to be missing patch management, according to Windows clients and servers. In fact, 14% of MacOS devices do not have patch management, compared to 5% for Windows servers, and 4% for Windows clients.

There are also many stale IT assets (these are visible as installed on endpoints but haven''t been checked for at least two weeks), thus exacerbating cybersecurity hazards. According to a study, 3 percent of all IT assets are considered stale when it comes to endpoint protection, and 1% when it comes to patch management.

Sevco claims that you can''t protect what you can''t see. IT assets are facing a single major challenge today, as this latest report shows a significant gap in basic security tools. It also uncovers the growing threat of stale IT assets that act as ticking timebombs for businesses.

They are described as ticking timebombs, as they are a conformity assets when, in effect, they are not. According to Sevco.