In September 2022, the best inexpensive Apple Pencil deals

In September 2022, the best inexpensive Apple Pencil deals ...

Apple Pencil deals are still rare. This is why we''re always keeping an eye out for useful discounts or special offers on the much sought-after stylus at this stage of the year. Both the first and the second-generation Apple Pencil have only ever seen discounts a handful of times.

The Apple Pencil costs $129/119 for the second-generation version while it costs $99/89 for the first-generation version. It''s the lowest price we''ve ever seen for the second-generation Apple Pencil is $99/99, although it was only during major sales events. Usually, a discount of between $10 - $20 or 5 - 15 is much more common.

The latest second-generation Apple Pencil is usually the one everyone wants, so we''re focusing on that here. If you''re using an iPad from 2018 or later, it will be more costly but it also has a large amount of advantages, such as a touch that allows you to easily switch between tools. Plus, it can be placed magnetically on the side of your iPad Pro and it will also charge wirelessly.

We''re keeping an eye on some deals on the first-generation Apple Pencil for anyone with an older iPad, as, despite, we''re optimistic that Black Friday 2022 will provide some Apple Pencil deals.

Apple Pencil (Gen 2) deals

Deals with Apple Pencil 2 tend to be greater during busy sales events. Discounts are generally much greater during regular periods of the year. We cannot see that changing too soon as the Apple Pencil 2 remains quite popular at any price.

Unlike our pricing comparison chart below, we can help you find the most appropriate value options at any time.

Apple Pencil (Gen 1) deals

The older first-generation Apple Pencil is significantly cheaper than the newer. The advantage is that it will only work on older iPads and the entry level 8th-generation model. If you have a new iPad, you''ll lose sight.

Consider that the discounts are somewhat better, but they may be more limited depending on your situation. Again, our price comparison tool is here to assist you see at a glance where you can save.

Cheap Apple Pencil alternatives

These are some deals on a few of the best Apple Pencil alternatives available. If you''d prefer to reduce costs even further, here are some ideas.

If you want a simple pen to sketch out ideas or write notes, Wacom has its own line of Apple-friendly pointers, with the Logitech Crayon as well a worthy option. Expect to pay between $30 and $50 for some good options, especially if you don''t like skipping a few of Apple''s features.

While you''re contemplating things through, it might be worthwhile to look at the iPad deals around in the event that an upgrade is required here. If you''re hoping to make your iPad as simple as possible, snapping up one of the Magic Keyboard deals is sure to improve your setup.

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