Apple has instructed all iPhone 14 users to do a thorough iOS 16 update right away

Apple has instructed all iPhone 14 users to do a thorough iOS 16 update right away ...

If you have purchased a new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro, you will want to receive the most recent software update as soon as possible, since there may be significant iMessage and FaceTime issues.

Occasionally, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro devices may not be able to receive iMessages or FaceTime calls, but users may notice green iMessage bubbles when texting other iPhone users (rather than the usual blue), and message recipients may see messages coming from the wrong account for example the sender''s email address instead of their phone number.

These iMessage and FaceTime problems on the latest iPhones are sure to be annoying, given that if you follow the steps below, you should find that the issues are resolved.

Apple announces that the issue has already been patched in iOS 16 (iOS 16.0.1) in the post warning about the bug (opens in a new tab). Once your iPhone 14 preorder has arrived, it has been installed, and you can just go to your settings, then to the General tab, and tap the Software Update.

If you prefer to use an older iOS version, you will have the option to download an update, which should be the iOS 16.0.1 build you need to keep the iPhone 14s communication issues fixed. Once this is done and the bugs have gone.

If youre still experiencing iMessage and FaceTime problems following the conversion of your iPhone 14 to iOS 16.0.1, Apple advises you to follow a few additional steps to see if that works.

If you do the above, there may be a lot of trouble with your iPhone, and if you do not have any issues, please contact Apple support directly.

If your iPhone 14 is working fine again, then you may want to check out our selections for the best iPhone apps, so that you may start getting your phone back to life.