Following the arrival of the merger, crypto scammers are refusing to enter verified Twitter hands

Following the arrival of the merger, crypto scammers are refusing to enter verified Twitter hands ...

The Ethereum blockchain has changed dramatically for 24 hours since the company''s green-friendly upgrade, called the Merge. However, scam threats have loomed across Ethereum users, exposing them to financial hazards. Scammers seem to be fishing for access information of verified Twitter accounts just to later the username of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Later they have been using these hacked verified accounts to investigate fraudulent giveaways to lure-in potential victims into their ruthless scam webs.

Unidentified hackers who changed the name of the handle to Vitalik Buterin were giving away 100,000 Ether coins on a first-come-first-serve basis. Recently, the verified handle of India''s Go First airline was compromised byvitalik-buterin.

GoFirst, a Mumbai, Maharashtra, a Indian ultra-low-cost airline, was founded and owned by the Wadia Group, and has a potentially dangerous connection.

Twitter users quickly noticed the scam, who posted screenshots and attempted to stimulate awareness.

@VitalikButerin seems to be impersonating everyone, but you should love the blue check and impressive amplification.(p.s. THIS IS A SCAM)

Screenshots of similar Ether giveaway posts from verified accounts named after Buterin surfaced on Twitter, amplifying the alerts about these potential crypto scams.

The hackers have also changed the profile pictures of the compromised accounts to match those of Buterin.

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vitalik.eth @sreeradhabasuET:radioactive_sign: is a fake! SCAM!:face_with_symbols_on_mouth:#Ethereum#EthereumMerge#SCAMreal is @VitalikButerin#nftlove #nft #finallypoor

I''ve discovered the second fake (and verified) @VitalikButerin account in 24 hours- @Twitter @verified can y''all do something about these please people are going to be trampled

Eyes::eyes: something must be done @TwitterSupport @Twitter @cz_binance

Warning:Be aware of false accounts:warning:Real : @VitalikButerin

Members of the crypto community are urging each other to check the names of all handles, indicating the Ethereum co-founder''s name and image, and to identify fake ones and report them.

Essentially, the Ethereum blockchain has evolved to a energy-efficient proof-of-stake (POS) mining model similar to the Ethereum blockchain''s previous, power intensive proof-of-work mining model. This increase has reduced Ethereum blockchain''s power consumption by 99.95 percent.