Apple iPhone users are planning a new major iOS 16 update

Apple iPhone users are planning a new major iOS 16 update ...

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Once the software is introduced, Apple has announced that a fresh update is in the works for iPhone users, who will form a significant component of iOS 16.1.

Through a beta, the technology giant has begun to test the new upgrades, including Live Activities, a new interactive notification system. This has been shared with developers, and the ActivityKit API has been made available so it can be integrated into apps.

Live Activities will create one dynamic notification on your lock screen that will then be updated regularly over time, such as for keeping up with the football scores or tracking an Uber driver. It might also make a significant difference in the everyday lives of people who use iPhones.

"Discover how you can improve Live Activities on your apps using the new ActivityKit framework, which is now available in iOS 16.1 beta and Xcode 14.1 beta. Live Activities assist users keep track of your apps content with real-time updates," said Apple (via a blog post (opens in a new tab)

"Your apps Live Activities feature on the Lock Screen and in Dynamic Island a new approach to seeing iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. In iOS 16.1, the candidates for iOS 16.1 will be available later this year. You will also be able to submit apps with Live Activities to the App Store.

IOS 16.1 was first released to developers two days after the release of iOS 16 on September 12th & 2022. Combined with that, the new Live Activities feature is expected to be included in iOS 16.1 later this year, most likely sometime in the next month or so.

The iPhone 14 is expected to be released on September 16th, 2022 for a price of 849 / $799 / AU$1399 for the 128GB model or 1,179 / $1099 / AU$1899 for those who wish the device.

The iPhone 14 has been confirmed that it surpasses every flagship Android phone on the market with the world''s fastest mobile benchmark scores.