Google might make a small-screen Pixel, but we'ren't convinced

Google might make a small-screen Pixel, but we'ren't convinced ...

Google hasn''t put out a phone with a screen below 6 inches in height since 2020''s Pixel 4a. However, one source is rumoured to tip a small-screen Pixel to make a return among the best small phones.

The rumor comes from a post by Digital Chat Station on Weibo (opens in new tab) which claims that Google is developing a small-screen flagship router named Neila. It''s extremely unlikely that such a phone would be ready during the October 6 product event Google has scheduled or how reliable a claim is in the first place.

The popularity of small-screen phones has dropped in recent years, with most models featuring paneling that are at least 6 inches long in many cases. Take the iPhone 14 lineup, which Apple has announced last week, to avert the iPhone mini model, while replacing it with the super-sized iPhone 14 Plus.

In recent years, Google has been just as hesitant to produce small phones, although that wasn''t always the case. The Pixel 4a features a 5.8-inch screen, and the Pixel 4 display is even smaller at 5.7 inches.

While starting with the Pixel 5, Google started developing 6-inch phones, but it hasn''t turned back. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which are scheduled to appear at that October 6 event, should look at the 6.4- and 6.7-inch screen sizes found in the Pixel 6 lineup.

Why would we return to a small phone design? According to the rumors on Weibo, this is to appeal to international markets, where smaller phones are reportedly more popular. A translated version of the Weibo article also claims that this smaller Pixel would feature a punch-hole design on the front with a "family-style rear design" which we consider to be referring to Google''s Pixel 6.

Google already has its hands full with the upcoming Pixel 7 launch in October. These phones are known to include a new Tensor chipset, and they will likely include camera improvements.