This handy feature will be able to be used by more iPhones in iOS 16.1

This handy feature will be able to be used by more iPhones in iOS 16.1 ...

Apple''s first major update iOS 16.1 is now available for download (via iMore (opens in new tab)). Though there are a few changes, the one we''re frot to see is that more iPhones can now use the battery percentage indicator.

Only some iOS 16-ready iPhones will be able to turn on the battery percentage icon on iPhone at the moment, but with iOS 16.1, the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini will also be able to use it. This means only the iPhone 8, iPhone SE 2022 and iPhone SE 2020 are incapable of swapping from the battery fill line icon in iOS 16, which makes some sense.

We still hope Apple will include the feature on the compatible Touch ID iPhones later, though, as it appears to be unfair to prohibit users of older or less fully-featured iPhones from giving up more capabilities.

Since iOS 16.1 is currently in beta, it is intended for developers rather than regular iPhone owners like you and me. We advise that you remain contentious about planning to set up a Developer account to get the beta, and instead wait a month or two before Apple will release the stable version of iOS 16.1.

The iOS 16.1 beta has made some new discoveries beyond the expanded battery percentage setting. Perhaps most significant of these is the addition of APIs (software kits for developers) for the iPhone 14 Pro''s Dynamic Island and the delayed Live Activities feature, which is expected to provide more third-party support for both in the near future.

The rumored Clean Energy Charging feature appears to be coming with the new update. This ability helps determine when the US power grid produces the most harmful energy at off-peak times, and charges your phone during that period to reduce network strain and emissions.

The Shared iCloud Photo Library, Matter smart home device support, and the possibility to delete the Apple Wallet app, all previously revealed or rumored, are all coming to the 16.1 update. There are also a couple of completely new features, including the ability to customize your home screen without having to enter the iOS 16 lock screen first, and a new screenshot screen that shows your save/delete options as a small pop-up.

If your iPhone has the ability to download the new software update, but haven''t already done it, then read our iOS 16 review to see all of the reasons there are to keep an eye on.