The battle royales arena in Warzone 2 is being radical changed

The battle royales arena in Warzone 2 is being radical changed ...

The battle royales community is experiencing some significant changes in Call of Duty Warzone 2.

While the original Warzone followed the standard battle royale formula in which players are dangling in to an ever-shrinking area, forcing them to regroup up Warzone 2 is taking a different approach. As revealed during Call of Duty Next, players will not only be funneled into a single circle, but also multiple areas that will eventually merge.

According to Battle Royales'' director, the circle is really difficult to get away from it, and so we talked about what we might do to make things different?

This is how the circle can actually divide, almost like a cell splits, and then those circles close down. What it does is segregates teams and you have these micro battles in those circles. At some point, those circles converge.

Directed and deadly

It''s not just a superficial change. While players are initially divided between groups, the moment they come together will result in a very powerful confrontation.

At a certain point, youre like Ok, we have cleared out our circle, and we thought were successful. Then those circles merge, they come back together, and you have this very direct fight, according to OHara.

You''re settling in rooms, thinking Here we go, and it''s about to get confidence. As soon as those circles hit, you have that final battle. It''s another twist in the gameplay that we believe is a cool world event that would happen.

You won''t have to wait long to experience it for yourself. Warzone 2''s release date is just around the corner. Weve already had a good look at the battle royales new map, which makes effective use of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2s improved aquatic gunplay.