WATCH a multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

WATCH a multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ...

In a fresh trailer, Activision has given us our first look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2s multiplayer.

The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 clip gives us a sneak peek at several of the games that have been enhanced, including the Gunsmith weapon customizer, water and even multiplayer.

Geoff Smith, the creator of Modern Warfare 2s multiplayer, said the team looked closely at the various players'' techniques to enhance the next Call of Duty multiplayer experience. They have added a whole bunch of new techniques off the back of that, building off previous Call of Duty games, as well as adding completely new ideas.

You may see the trailer below to see it all for yourself. You may also sign up for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta now.


According to multiplayer designer Geoff Smith, Modern Warfare 2s 6v6 maps have been refined in order to deliver a more relaxed experience. The maps, in comparison to Modern Warfare 2018, are a little more straightforward and refined, but they will also play very quickly.

Two of them have been examined. Sarrif Bay is a fishing village filled with boats and water which should allow for a lot of swimming. Expect plenty of ledge on the rooftops, too. They will provide a natural home for snipers.

Mercado Las Almas is a Mexican street market that allows for a tight urban climate. The map will play super fast with a lot of action being funneled into its main street. This one will be extra important.

Game modes

Each side will receive an additional 20 AI to support the game. It is also a high action mode, but also chill that allows you to play according to your style. The Ai is reactive, therefore you can stay put and camping on a roof.

Prisoner Rescue is a game changer. Both prisoners must be kept hidden on the map. Attackers receive a radar sweep when they have the prisoner, which allows them to gain advantage. Regardless, attackers must also find them before they depart.


Water, according to Joseph Cicot, the co-design director of Call of Duty in Modern Warfare 2 he said is more important than ever in Call of Duty. Although some environmental design have been introduced in previous games like frozen lakes in Warzone, the aquatic experience will be essential to Modern Warfare 2.

Youll need to use bodies of water as a cover to escape enemy fire, jump into lakes to escape enemies, and be mindful to avoid boats and floating mines. Only certain weapons function underwater, so you will need to choose your sidearm rather than your primary weapon. However, even they will feel different underwater.


Modern Warfare 2 is offering a number of new ways to navigate the maps rather than walking or running around corridors. Rather than walking or running around corridors, you will be nipping about the location where you can escape enemy fire.

Fluid movement is extremely important to us, according to Cicot. Youll be able to slide and mount obstacles, but you will now be able to hang from a ledge while unloading your sidearm. The goal is to offer you greater protection against the incoming fire.

This may be necessary for some disturbing scenes. Activision says you will be able to dive out of windows to escape grenades or peek around corners to deter enemies in tactic firefights.

Gunsmith 2.0

The Call of Dutys weapon customization system has been redesigned. Attachments will now be shared across all weapons, allowing you to move around paraphernalia more quickly without having to grind each gun. The goal is to make guns more personal to you, as they are outfitted with exactly the attachments you need.

There are a variety of options to choose from. Muzzles, sights, rear grip, magazine, grips, and more. It should make for a deeper Gunsmith system that caters to a wide variety of players.