Apple's Mixed Reality Headsets Could Allow Wearers to See Invisible Things Like Fires and Gas Leaks, According to a Report

Apple's Mixed Reality Headsets Could Allow Wearers to See Invisible Things Like Fires and Gas Leaks, ...

Apple''s new patent application implys that its mixed reality (MR) headset will reportedly allow users to view invisible things as per a report. It highlights that users might be able to see gas leaks and Wi-Fi signals. This will also allow musicians to tune their instruments by using sound waves, which might also assist in finding possible fires. It is implying that the headset might even enable users to see inside stores.

According to a patent application from the Cupertino technology company, the MR headset might allow users to perceive things that are invisible to naked eyes. The rumoured headset may reportedly assist wearers in detecting gas leaks and Wi-Fi signals for adjusting the placement of the router.

According to reports, the Apple MR headset will also track heat patterns to detect potential fires around wearers to ensure safety. It''s said to use an infrared sensor to enable wearers to see heat, which might assist them detect fires through walls. The headset reportedly creates an overlay over the AR view of the user''s location to show the invisible things.

According to the report, the headset will also visualize the sound waves to assist musicians tune their instruments. It is said to create an AR overlay over the sine wave for the correct note. The alleged Apple headset is said to allow wearers to see behind closed cupboard doors by creating an AR overlay. It will reportedly match the stored video from the moment its user opens a cupboard with their current view and position.

Apple''s MR headset would be launched in 2023, according to reports. The company is reportedly developing three new headsets, including N301, N602, and N421. The first MR headset from the company will reportedly be called Apple Reality Pro, which is expected to compete with Facebook''s next AR-VR headset.